It’s the SEXPO 2010 and I was there courtesy of MFM 92.6. As we arrived we were greeted by illustrious sounds emanating from what we later found out was called the “shag wagon”. While standing in the queue there was a very naughtily dressed mistress (if we could call her that) with a whip in her hand. Might I add this “mistress” was in her early twenties ;).

As we walked through the main door a flourish of stunning girls and some guys, all wearing angel wings, were dressed as though they had just walked off a Moulin Rouge set. To any SEXPO virgin it is quite an experience with enough dildos, vibrators and lube to satisfy any porn star. There is also a men’s lounge hosted by Arabesque which I must say was very entertaining. Although gaining access to the lounge came with a price tag of R60, the strippers, who were mainly from Eastern Europe, were very pleasing to the eye. For the ladies there is also a ladies lounge where you can go and flaunt your fantasies around some gentlemen. This luxury however comes with a price tag of R50. The only other attraction with a price tag (besides taking photos with the stars of the show) is the 3D erotic gallery which costs R10. This is a world 1st and it almost feels as if the art is jumping out at you.

The biggest attractions at the SEXPO are probably the big names being thrown around. Porn stars Jesse Jane, Arianna Starr and Sadie West are all sights to be seen. Tracey Simmonds (Miss Pole UK) is one of the more enthralling acts and what she can do with a pole is wrong in about 11 different US states. If you are big into getting portraits of yourself painted, why not try something different like getting a portrait painted with someone’s penis. Pricasso from Australia is the solution to all your paint job needs. If you are interested in a little bit of raunchy comedy then John Vlismas’ “The Wet Spot” is bound to make you wet yourselves. Adult Hypnotist, Alain the Great, is also on display hypnotising members from the audience on stage. If you want to see a deeper side of him then visit him at his stand. Last but not least is the hottest home grown hunny in South Africa, Miss Nude 2010. Sadly I did not get a chance to see her but rumour has it she has every guy and even some girls begging for more.

There are sexual wellbeing workshops throughout the day as well as main stage events if you get bored of the stalls. Walking around are the SEXPO mascots Penisorous and Titasorous who provide a decent enough chuckle.

If you are a guy you will be fascinated by the absolute beauties that prance around at this event. If you are a girl I’m sure you can find yourself a toy or some sexy lingerie. All in all this show is a good start if you want to explore the sexual side of your life and get in touch with that naughty little devil in you. So take your girlfriend/boyfriend and enjoy a day of some comfortable fun.

Enjoy and have “Sexy times”


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