Here we are with my 2nd movie review and what a movie it was. I managed to get my hands on a DVD of The Town before its release in South African cinemas. I had heard all the hype in the American press about this movie and it was in the UK top 10 during its opening week. I sat down to watch this movie with great expectations and although this movie lived up to its expectations, I found there was no time for some of the characters to develop.

The Town is a smartly written action which is filled with robberies and romances all while the FBI are trailing the criminals. The casting which was done for this movie is perfect. With Ben Affleck playing the central role of Doug and Jeremy Renner playing Afflecks best, yet volatile friend Jim, this is an action not to be missed. After Affleck’s rather average role in his last movie Gone Baby Gone, he has really come back 2years later, fuelled up and proving that he is back as an actor and a director to be reckoned with. Who of you remember that role which Renner played in SWAT when he double crossed his team? Well his attitude throughout this movie is pretty much identical to that of SWAT. His volatility, arrogance and at times thuggish attitude always keeps Doug on edge. This becomes apparent in the first scene of the movie when Jim decides to take the bank manger, Claire (Rebecca Hall), hostage. Doug knows how dangerous Jim is, so when Jim says he will take care of her Doug steps in and says that he will make sure she is no trouble. As Doug gets to know Claire, they start falling for each other and one would actually think that she is going to unveiled at the end of the movie as being in on the heist.

The set is a small town, Charlestown, which is renowned for producing the greatest bank robbers. It is also famous for the most bank robberies in America per square capita. As the movie develops we find that Doug’s life story is pretty sad (then again everyone from that neighbourhood has some type of drama in their life), with his mother committing suicide when he was young and his dad who he could never really trust, it is fitting that Doug becomes a criminal. We, however, see a different side of Doug when he falls for Claire and this comes out near the end of the movie when we see how strong their relationship really is. Without giving away too much of the story line, he gives her some of his money to build and ice rink and in turn she dedicates it to the memory of his mother. Another side piece of romance in this movie is between Doug and his sexual partner, Krista (Blake Lively). Lively who is known for her role in Gossip Girl, is Jim’s younger sister. She is in love with Doug and leads him to believe that the child she has is his, but he sees past her alcohol, pill taking and drug abusive habits and does not want anything further to do with her.

Although the movie encroaches on the 2hour mark, there is never a moment to take a breath. The hard action, wit and true criminal mind twists are to leave you on the edge of your set for the duration. The intense directing of Affleck enables the viewer to not just care about the violence and physical well being of the characters, but to feel the emotional side to the story as well. And that’s not the easiest trick in the world. Hopefully Affleck’s next movie is really going to blow the our minds, more than this movie did.

All in all this is a must see movie. With action that is enough to make any guy sweat and romance that will make any girl shed a tear, this movie has a little for everyone. So do yourself a favour and when this movie opens on the 31st of December be sure that you are in the queue watching one of the best actions of 2010 before moving into the New Year.


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