How many of you enjoy a good Indian dish? Well me being Indian, I don’t really mind in indulging in culture every now and again. My dad came down to Stellenbosch and we decided why not go to Bukhara, an Indian restaurant in Stellenbosch. To my amazement the restaurant exceeded my expectations on the food side, however, it was severely lacking in decor.

Situated on the corner of Bird and Dorp Street, the restaurant is ideally located in the historic town of Stellenbosch. The big booming windows create the illusion of space in what is quite a small restaurant. The decor is not what you would usually see in an Indian restaurant. The lack of colour, dimmed lights and old fashioned tables all adds to the serene environment.

Upon arriving we were greeted by a very friendly waiter and ushered to our table immediately. We order drinks which arrived within 5minutes. The restaurant was approximately 80% full that night and it still took a mere 20minutes for our food to arrive. What a dish of food it was! The aromas of Lamb Korma, Garlic Naan and Chicken Vindaloo were very pleasing to the senses. The food was made perfectly according to how we wanted it made. The portions are very filling so I would recommend that you go there on an empty stomach in order to finish what is an enjoyable meal. You should also be advised that one portion of rice is more than enough for two people.

The menu mostly consists of North Indian dishes but this does not hinder the wide range of dishes that are available. There are a few South Indian dishes which add the bit of variety that the menu requires. To add a bit of “local is lekker” flavour to the menu, Bukhara has a variety of meats such as Ostrich, Kudu and Springbok if you are feeling for a more exotic Indian meal. A big hit on the menu is Butter Chicken, but my personal favourite at any Indian restaurant is a very mild Lamb Korma.

The average meal price per person is about R175 which is a bit steep for the average student. Since Stellenbosch also caters for a big foreign market and is a retirement town, the restaurant is well sustained. Although the high prices deter people from visiting Bukhara, I would suggest saving up and treating yourself with a magnificent Indian meal.

It’s not mommy’s home cooked food but it’s the closest you gonna get. So if you are in the area, get yourself to Bukhara and enjoy a delicious meal with your family or friends.

Happy Feasting


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