I was once drawn in to the whole spectacle of Formula 1 when the racing was exciting, the innovations radical, the drivers with larger than life personalities, managed spectacular wins. I remained faithful to the discipline for a long time.

Today’s race was a culmination of all the changes, advancements and occasionally seemingly petty rule changes. For the most part they may have been implemented to either make the sport safer or more spectacular for the spectators but in many cases had the effect of making racing more difficult, overtaking an impossible task, and seemed to favor qualifying ahead of racing. Although many important developments have resulted from racing technology development, and have found their way into mainstream motor vehicles to make them safer and more efficient, it is difficult to think of one which added excitement to the spectator experience.

Despite all the restrictions, rules and regulations, we still had one determined highly skilled young driver, Sebastian Vettel, who was declared the winner (Full Results below). There were equally determined drivers who did not manage to finish, because despite all of the technology, strategy, simulations and other high tech predictive software currently in vogue among the teams, one driver still had to drive a magnificent determined race, start to finish.

Although we did see some overtaking, with the new regulations, we also saw some overtaking last year with the old regulations, so did the old regulations hamper competition? I would like to leave that to the fans who are masters at statistical analysis; because I’m sure that they have such data readily at hand. I for one, would like to be a fan who likes to sit down, or stand at a function and cheer my preferred team or driver on to win that elusive victory, knowing that every year the regulations are tinkered with and tuned to suit the foibles of the current Formula1 management, that my experience as a fan is diminished by the resulting lack of spectacle.

Perhaps things will be different at the next race? I hope so, because I for one will most certainly be watching again.

Toni G

  • Natasha

    YAY!! vettel my man won!!!!! pitty hamilton came right after!

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