If you ever thought going for a jog was exhausting exercise you will be put to shame when you watch the exceptional, breath taking show, Cirque Du Soleil. With performers from 20 different countries and an abundance of colours and humour this is a show that everyone and anyone can enjoy. The performers were phenomenal to say the least and each performance will wow you from beginning to end… when the show is over you will want more!

Each performance begins with a little taste of what each performer is capable of and slowly builds up and escalates until you are gobsmacked at what is happening before your very eyes. You think at the start that what they are doing is virtually impossible until they are warmed up and the real tricks start coming out. From the acrobatics to the clowns; the juggler to the trapeze artists; the acrobatic bicycle to the Russian swing; the mime to the band, there is something spectacular they offer to the audience in each and every performance. The show is all about diversity in a fanciful world. The entire set is put together to imitate a dreamlike quality. Time will fly by as you are drawn in to show ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘aah-ing’ right to the end.

As far as venues go the Grand Arena at Grand West was not the best venue choice for this show. The performances were directed to be appreciated from the front so if your seats are anywhere on the sides you miss the effects. The staff at Grand West could stand to be better trained so you do not end up running from one side of the arena to the other trying to find where your seats are located. Also, when it says on your ticket that a show begins at 20:00 that means you need to be seated by 20:00 and not arrive by 20:20. It is disrespectful to the performers as well as the people who have the manners to arrive on time. The Grand West should not allow late comers to enter the arena.

The show has been running in Cape Town at the Grand West Grand Arena from March and will continue running in April. It has been performed to audiences in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. With a cast of roughly 50 I can guarantee you will be blown throughout the show. If you are still lucky enough to have a ticket or you hope to watch this magical performance while it is still on our shores head to a computicket near you or buy a ticket online at http://www.computicket.com/web/

Bronwyn May (@BronnMay)

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