Sat down with the family to watch a movie I had absolutely no prior knowledge of, armed with Cherry slush and chocolate, I settled down to be entertained. My in depth lack of knowledge of the technical aspects of film making, and my lack of cognoscenti abilities on acting techniques and delivery of performance leave with only a few options.

To sit down and watch (which I did) and after what I thought to be a slightly slow start, the story unfolded into an entertaining, fast paced, well sequenced movie.  The storyline was quite believable, and the acting generally was also quite acceptable, with some known and some new faces. Most importantly it told an entertaining story, with the occasional humorous moment, and also delivered a few well-constructed scary moments which had a few people in the audience, jumping in their seats.

Although I’m quite certain that the plot is from a list of the basic nine plots which most movies follow, the finished result was entertaining and made the approximately 122 minutes it took to screen pass quite quickly. This has always and always will be my measure of a good movie, and that is how long did it feel like the movie ran for?

The good ones enthrall you so much that it seems the flash by in a few seconds, I am number Four, although not a ten second impression, like Inception, was a very good view, and I enjoyed it, so should you.

Toni G

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