Overwhelming, grand, breathtaking, splendid, tremendous, remarkable, amazing, awesome, fearsome, astounding, humbling, impressive, i don’t think there are enough words in the dictionary to describe our mountain, our city is built around it and as a Cape Tonian you wake up and you see it, you get coffee and you see it, you go for dinner and it’s there. It’s big, it’s majestic, it’s brimming with natural fauna and flora, tourists come every year to visit it.
But how many of us have been up it?


We diceded to take a trip, so we put on our good shoes, grabbed a hiking carrier and with the family in tow we headed for the mountain…


Now the sad part is that the prices are ridiculous and are not catered to the locals, R90 one way is perfect for the tourists with their wads of forein money but when you live and work in South Africa it doesn’t exactly cater for those that would like to go a little more often .
There is a wait to the cable car and i do suggest that if you are not a huge fan of queue’s or of if you have have kids it might be a better idea to stop by their website and buy online tickets. As you are allowed to skip the buyers line and head right on up towards the cable cars.


The cable cars are immaculately clean even though they charter so many people up and down on a daily basis, which is great as it’s bad enough you have to squish into a small confined space hurtling up the mountain and being pulled up by nothing but gears and hope (does my fear of heights seep through?) , I do vaguely remember that on the last trip I took up as a kid the cart actually rotated 360degrees as you were going up and down. Why that function has been deactivated i’m not sure, I did feel a little cheated on that.
Once up the mountain there isn’t really much to do, you can go buy some over priced souveniers (as i said, the mountain does not really cater for the locals) there is also a lovely restaurant you can order from though I would suggest packing a little picnic for the family and parking on the smokers balcony. Don’t worry the smoke won’t bother you as there tends to be a bit of a wind factor, a chilly wind at that so don’t forget to pack a jumper, and the view is breath taking.
There are hiking trails for all levels are fitness, but be warned, the ones that wander off the brick path are not for the faint hearted (or the unfit)  as we found out when we took the echo gorge route. We didn’t quite make it as we were stopped short by moans of “my feet hurt” and “are we there yet”.


Whether you are a family, alone, a couple or even afraid of heights the mountain caters for eveyone, yes, she is even wheel chair friendly!


For more info visit: http://tablemountain.net/


See you on top!


Cupcake Mummy
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