Ever since the first cricket ball was bowled, speculation is that it was Noah’s son Japheth who was a more than competent left arm seemer and used to practice bowling at Shem and Ham during the wet season, but I digress.

Ever since the first ball of the first cricket game was bowled, or the first kick-off was kicked, there were fines sessions. In these fines sessions the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol is to be expected, if not demanded.

Clubs all over the world re-tell their epic fines session’s tales to visiting clubs, who then re-tell their epic tales in an effort to be crowned “The most EPIC fines session story Tellers” champions of the world! These stories all came about because of the fines session.

Sports clubs, and their teams, all over the country still have post-match fines sessions but drinking and driving in this day and age is extremely dangerous and fines sessions seem to be dying out as a result. I find this incredibly sad.

I have been playing club sport since I was 14 (for the men’s side) and have grown up with fines sessions. The rules that go along with the fines are part of my life; The Buffalo Rule as an example (which comes with a 10c lifetime membership fee) stipulates that you will only drink out of your left hand, unless it is your birthday. To this day I cannot drink anything out of my right hand. It just feels wrong.

Please don’t get me wrong, I do not condone drinking and driving but I don’t think fines sessions need to be culled off as a result of dangers and illegality of drinking and driving. So whether it is a fines session or a few drinks with the opposition and team mates after a game, having post match beer is what club sport is all about.

If you find yourself on the wrong end of a fines session and do not have an angry girlfriend to drive you home, please be responsible. Good Fella’s and Toot ‘n Scoot offer hassle free alternatives to drinking and driving. Contact Toot ‘n Scoot at 086 111 2374 and Good Fellas at 0861 433 552.

Don’t be silly because you will be very sorry! Save the fines session, don’t drink and drive!

…so you think you’re invincible?

Don’t Drink and Drive…


Owen Woods (@owenwoods7)

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