The final installment of the ReviewMe Responsible Drinking Week is here. This is probably a bit cliché but I have saved the best for last. It has been a very good week and I think you will all agree with me in saying that your eyes have been opened a little bit wider to responsible drinking. The last ad campaign which is going to be reviewed is the Brandhouse Drive Dry initiative.

It was revealed by the brandhouse Drive Dry Responsible Drinking online survey that 88% of South Africans have a fear of being arrested and thus it deters them from drinking and driving. The Brandhouse campaign dramatizes this scenario by having men talking about what they look for in a partner. It is only revealed later in the advert that they are in fact inmates.

The beginning of h advert might not have a significant impact but as the characters reveal themselves, it hits home very hard. The tagline “Pappa wag vir jou” which is said by the last character makes us aware of how rough prisons really are. Do you want to end up in a prison? Do you want to be the person they are describing?

“In South Africa approximately 6000 people are killed every year because of drunk drivers.”

Apart from adverts on TV and Radio, Brandhouse have taken it a step further and gone where no other brand has gone, Clubs. They have initiated a project in which an Alcomatic machines are placed in bars and nightclubs around South Africa. This machine is an on-site breathalyzer. All you have to do is have a straw and a R5 coin. I have had the liberty of actually using one of these machines at a club called The Terrace in Stellenbosch. This is a very positive initiative, however, people might see this as an opportunity to challenge their friends to see who can have the highest blood alcohol level.

This is not the official brandhouse machine but it looks similar

I have had the opportunity of working with Brandhouse when I hosted the Smirnoff ASOT500 competition. They were extremely strict on the way Responsible Drinking is advertised on the competition. This is a clear sign that one company is going just that little bit of an extra mile.

The Drive Dry initiative was started six years ago to personalize the issue of drinking and driving. They have not only successfully done this but have been proactive in their approach. I have struggled to find the best thing which comes out of this campaign (because they are all good and well thought out) but I would have to say that the on-site Alcomatic machines should be required by law in every single club.

We have now come to the end of Responsible Drinking week at and I would like to thank everyone for their support and help, especially my writers and logo designer (Paddy Eriksen @ShakyPanda).

…so you think you’re invincible?

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