The annual event kicked off to a wet and somewhat soggy start at the Wemmer Pan in Johannesburg, and for the first time in about 5 years, I attended! My understanding of this event is that it is meant to raise funds for various charities. My first comment is that if this is so, they could at least make the beneficiaries better known to the general public via information boards or other media at the entrance.

The general theme of Lusitoland, is to showcase the Portuguese culture and culinary diversity of the Portuguese people. There was nonstop Portuguese traditional music and a reasonably wide variety of stalls offering traditional Portuguese delicacies.

Alongside these were a good number of traditional food stalls, offering the expected Mozambican type food and drink as well as Brazilian food and drink which was well represented by Rodizio, with a large stand and a wide variety of their specialties.

I was expecting to at least spend the day at Lusitoland, but I arrived in time for a latish breakfast of traditional Prego rolls chased with a large caipirinha, a potent rum and lemon and sugar concoction which really powered me through to a late lunch of traditional espetada and nata cups for dessert! The coffee on offer was great, and strong, just the way I like it.

Another walk to see what was on offer at the various stalls of the mini flea market and of course making some purchases to justify my attendance to myself. Among the purchases were: some olives, custom made sweets, and some other items, after which I was pretty much ready to leave, quite happy with my visit to Lusitoland.

My final impressions were that prices at the fair were reasonable, and the quality of the food and drink that I sampled was good, although my wife Sam, would have liked her espetada more well done, I being the one who likes rare meat, was quite happy.

Would I recommend Lusitoland to you? If you like the traditional Portuguese atmosphere and food, then you should at least visit it for a half day.

Ticket Prices:

Adults: R50

Children Under 12: R20

Senior Citizens: R20

For more info visit:

Toni G

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