Many people want to ache and feel the burn after a workout, because it makes them feel as though they have really worked their muscles. Exercise is not all about the burn, but for the first couple of sessions you will ache and pain from Pilates if done correctly. Pilates, named after its developer Joseph Pilates, is based on increasing the strength, flexibility and control of the body as well as the mind. Joseph Pilates believed very strongly that mental and physical health is unified. The physical exercise is based on using your core strength to control your body movements and although it was originally developed where you used your own body strength to work out there are now numerous apparatus used in Pilates today.

The best part about Pilates is that you and everybody else will see the results. Many people struggle to motivate themselves to exercise on their own so it may be a good idea to do something where there are a group of people attending a class. A good instructor is important. If they correct you when you are doing something wrong that will only improve your work out and your results. You should take note of your development from your first class until months and even years down the line. It really is a great way to stay in shape.

I know there are people out there who roll their eyes at the idea of your mind and body being linked, but they have to learn to work together. It basically boils down to control. You would be surprised how many people exercise incorrectly. Controlling you body works from your core muscle and every movement is controlled by your core muscle; or at least it should be. When you see people do very quick reps and very quick sit ups they are not necessarily working their muscles properly. If you do 30 sit-ups correctly as opposed to 100 sit ups incorrectly you will actually feel the difference. You can also develop your muscles differently if you do not exercise properly. You should hold your stomach muscles in while you do sit ups, because that is what gives you a flat stomach.

In Pilates you are taught to make your breathing work for you and not just be a way of expelling air while you are exercising. If you exhale correctly it actually helps you ease the pain of the exercise. Not only will you achieve amazing balance from Pilates, but you will also improve your posture, your general muscle tone and your flexibility. Pilates is not about using the heaviest weights, but about exercising slowly and concentrating on each movement. Also, you need to combine your exercise with a healthy eating plan. That way you will always be energised.

There are numerous studios out there who offer Pilates so if you do not like the one then you can always move to another.

Bronwyn May

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