I must confess, I am such a kid when it comes to movies. I just want to be entertained and to sit and be told a story. Every time I like the story, even if it’s sad, scary or really way out in terms of imagination, I have an immensely good time.

When I sat down to watch “Tomorrow When the War Began”, I had no preconceptions of Aussie movies or Aussie actors, I watched because I liked the title! I found myself looking at the Australian scenery and thinking that it was pretty similar to ours.

The opening scenes were typically Australian parochial, and if anything a little slow in keeping with the backdrop against which they were shot. I found myself being seduced by the scenery while waiting for the plot to develop (not always a good thing as my imagination has a way of running away with anything after very little provocation).

Good news is that the plot did pick speed and although it may not have been the most complex of plots, the cast certainly seemed to believe their parts. The story turned into a coming of age story for a group friends caught in seemingly impossible circumstances and how they rose, or failed to rise to the occasion as the situation demanded it. I did spot what were to me, known Aussie actors in cameo roles and will also freely admit to cheering (even if only mentally) for the band of friends in their quest to stay alive under some rather difficult situations.

The most interesting aspect of the movie was that all of the situations were quite believable, and the outcomes also quite plausible. If I absolutely had to nitpick, I would point at the ending and lament the fact that the directors and producers had been so clumsy in setting up an inevitable part 2, to adequately complete the story.

Seeing as movies always have to have heroes and bad guys, I thought the bad guys may have been a little one dimensional. There were loads of implied badness, one or two rather graphic killings and the obligatory smattering of high energy mayhem laden chases. My impression of the heroes in the movie: ordinary people driven to extraordinary feats by exceptional circumstances, driven in many cases by instinct, just like in real life.

Would I watch this movie again? Yes I would, perhaps you should as well.

Toni G

  • Definitely will take a peek.

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