Hout bay is one of those tiny little tourist destinations that most of us forget about as it’s such a drive out. It also happens to hold some of the cutest little places to take the kids to. One example is the very hidden and not all that well known Clay Café!

I’m still trying to rack my brain as to how I heard about it as they have no website, no twitter account and they aren’t on Facebook either… yet somehow I packed Fish (My son) into the car for the day and headed on out along the winding (and might I add breath taking) drive around the mountain to this snug little valley town.

Their rates are reasonable, the food is good (normal coffee shop foods available but you can’t have a full meal as such there) and the location is quiet enough for the kids to run around without you worrying that they will be hit by a car if they venture into the road.

There is a large selection of items for you to choose from. Plates to cups, to ornamental figures, you simply pick one! You pay for the item you choose and then a R25 studio fee which includes 3 paint colors and brushes.

One warning: it can get messy when you hand a toddler a paintbrush! So I suggest you wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little paint on…

While painting you’ll notice the colors are very dull, no worries as they brighten up tenfold once they have been fired up in the kiln! The only downfall is that you can’t take your hand painted goodies with you on the day and have to travel back there to fetch it two weeks later. As far as I know they are willing to post the items for the tourist’s unable to collect.

Cupcake Mummy

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