In South Africa we aim to keep things ‘local’ and what better way to support local by knowing which South African designers create some of the most awe-inspiring and glamorous shoes that can be found on the South African market. Not only is Errol Ardenz a fantastic designer, but he also knows about comfort and style; just ask the South African Airways cabin crew and ground staff as he designed their shoes and uniforms.  South African born Errol Arendz has become an international figure known for his ability to combine pizzazz, finesse and chic.

The shoes are meant to be fun and bring out some personality as well as make a statement about who you are. The Errol Arendz collections are vibrant, exciting and for those who cannot express themselves with clothes you could express yourself with shoes. One criticism with regards to the shoes is that the back strap tends to fall off when one walks. After spending a reasonable amount of money on the shoes you do expect them to stay up. Tightening them does not help and neither does creating new little holes on the side. Some of the shoes have a strap without a buckle and those tend to be the ones that constantly fall of your foot. On the comfort side, extra padding is added on to the shoes where the ball of the foot would fit to ensure the shoes are comfortable and it also aids in giving extra support.

As an owner of numerous pairs on Errol Arendz shoes I can attest to their beauty, style and ability to enhance an outfit. From the New Winter 2011 collection to the Bridal footwear collection there is something for everyone.

The quality of Errol Arendz shoes is as great as any international designer if not better. You do not need to have a shoe fetish to enjoy the vibrancy and elegance of each unique design shoes. To find out where you can get hold of Errol Arendz shoes go to his website for more details A pair of these exquisite beauties will cost you around R999.00 depending on what style you decide to purchase.

Bronwyn May

  • Ruth Hyde

    I am looking for wedding shoes.

  • emissio

    The queui wage its verry nice.wood wage ,colours .orenge ,brown and purple at the b ack.

  • Minty

    I am looking for size 5 wedding shoes preferable silver or ceres pink. I have seen a sandal on the Glamour magazine for September 2011 page 119 in blue but I want shoe like that one in pink. thanks

  • kefilwe ferguson

    Interested in supplying Errol Arenz shoes . I have a shoe boutique in the main mall Gaborone.


    I would love to retail Errol Arrenz shoes in Swazilnd. What are my options, i work from home but have a lot of clients. Have been retailing leather handbangs of various brands.

  • muriel

    hi i am staying in johannesburg please can anybody help the last year collecion i like the wedges with different colours i did go around johannesburg looking for it but no luck please i need to have two pairs of it please help i dont mind the price

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