A couple of weeks ago I was on my way to Johannesburg for ASOT500. I decided to get a very important meeting out the way before the show so that I would have the entire next day free to myself. Little did I know that this meeting would have to be shifted to a later time which, in turn caused my whole day to be messed up and as such I was late for the show. Why? Kulula…

So now I know where my seat went…

I arrived at the airport in due time before my flight and stood in the line to check in. I was the 2nd person from the front of the queue at which point an announcement came over the intercom saying that they had moved checking in to a different counter. People ran like animals to get to the front, and there I was almost at the back of the line. I got the front of the queue and hear the words uttered to me”Sorry Sir your flight has been overbooked”. Now anybody that knows me knows that I am a very chilled and laid back person. That, however, changed in a split second.

Kulula ended up putting me on their next flight out after making little effort to contact other airlines about seats they have open. They also gave me a voucher which I could use on my next flight. Does this make anything right though? I was 2hrs late for a meeting after all just because Kulula decided it was fine to put more people on the plane than it could handle (and I wasn’t the only one! There were about eight of us).

I am not the first, nor will I be the last person to be on an overbooked or cancelled flight but is it necessary? I had to take it into my own hands to email and complain to Kulula after which they reluctantly gave me a free flight. That free flight is not what I am interested in. I am one who appreciates good and efficient service which Kulula (and other airlines) are not providing at the moment. I’m a social network freak and in the past few months have noticed how many people are complaining about poor service by mainly Kulula. Here are some tweets from yesterday that I picked up on:

@kulula unfort 6 1-way flights in a row being delayed is just not good enough. & last night @kulula almost ruined my wifes surprise party!

Last 5 tweets I’ve read have bin complaints about @kulula. From 5 different people. Oy vey. #fail

@kulula delayed twice in one day? Really? Great Friday the 13th

@kulula today its ONE month since I’ve logged my complaint. How long does it take for a reply? How long must I still “be patient”?

I am extremely pleased that our government has passed the new consumerism act which prevents airlines from overbooking flights and also prevents them from inflating flight prices to exuberant amounts. If you not too clued up about how it works, Google it and find out what your rights are!!

So is the joke actually on Kulula?


  • Adele Bezuidenhout

    I had the same experience with them last year (unfortunately before the consumer protection act) with my entire family of 5.
    They never offered us any compensation and I had logged a complaint on helloPeter.com and till this day they have not replied.

    The joke is fully on them and they seriously need to realise that its time to step up there game or step out.

    We as consumers won’t be take for a ride (or not) anymore.

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