1 000 000  little things are coming soon to make a big difference.

I (Charl Gottschalk) together with the very beautiful FHM 2011 model of the year, Jessica Leandra and ReviewMe.co.za have teamed up to start an unusual project, the likes of which you have not yet seen.

The idea is big in a very small way. Go to http://1millionpixels.org to follow the countdown to the launch of this project which will happen on 10/06 at 10:06 am.

You can also follow the project on twitter (@1millionpixels) and “Like” the facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/1-Million-Pixels/145994768805837.

Soon you will be able to own your own piece of something very special…

*More information will be revealed on the day of the launch.

Please do yourselves a favor and follow the team behind the project as well:

Jessica Leandra – @JessicaLeandra

Charl Gottschalk – @charlgottschalk

ReviewMe – @ReviewMe

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