I’m not sure what it is about watching fish swim round and round in a fish tank that is so calming, and entertaining (to kids that is) but for anyone who has ever owned a goldfish… you know the feeling!

The Two Oceans aquarium is one big fish tank hat you can get lost in!

As with most of the tourist targeted destinations in Cape Town it is a tad pricey for the average local, though they do have a great option for us who live here and have toddlers who are fish obsessed: it’s called a soul mate card and though a little pricey to dock up on initially, it is a GREAT gift for those who you know go often.

There is a walk you can do right around the entire aquarium that gets you to see all the different fish which starts downstairs with the little clownfish, sea urchins and starfish. Everyone is forced to walk past a large rubbish swirl display that highlights the tragedy happening in our oceans caused by our constant need to toss rubbish anywhere bar the dustbins.

First stop is the penguins and mini frogs, and I do mean mini, they are VERY difficult to spot! The penguin habitat upstairs is small and only holds a few hoppers, as far as I know there is an outside penguin enclosure as well, though I couldn’t find it (perhaps asking someone would have helped). My little one loved the penguins and unlike boulders beach they do not smell as much!

Next up is your trip round and under the shark tank, its amazing watching those large creatures swimming so calmly in the tank with all those other fish, as we are so used to believing that they are violent creatures. The aquarium has an excellent video that documents how more people die from kites than from sharks every year. Before you walk into the tunnel there is a large mirror, above it reads: “The Greatest Predator”, a harsh reality to say the least.

Once you’ve done viewing all the fish there is a nice little restaurant where you can stop for a bite to eat after spending an easy few hundred buying souvenirs’ in the tourist trap of a gift shop. I was very temped to buy a penguin teddy though sadly my local budget does not include those figures.

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