Most people in Cape Town venture to Greenpoint, Seapoint or Camps Bay to dine by the seaside. There are not many people who would venture to Big Bay, but if you ever have a day where you find you would like to try something new I suggest you take a drive to Eden on the Bay. It is a totally different view of Cape Town and it gives you the opportunity to see how truly majestic Table Mountain is.

What is appealing about Eden on the Bay you ask? Well, it is great for families and that includes the animals. Pets are even welcome at the restaurants, which is not something you will come across too often in South Africa. It is a great place to take your pets walking and at your request the restaurants will happily give your animal some water. There is also a small patch of grass with a football net on it where children can play in plain sight of their parents. There is a grassy area if you would like to have a picnic and if you prefer to eat at a restaurant there is a variety to choose from. The view is magnificent to say the least, with the sea, Robin Island and Table Mountain it is not difficult to see why people frequent Eden on the Bay. If you decided to take a weekend stroll out to Eden on the Bay and you need to get some grocery shopping done there is the convenience of a Pick ‘n Pay store.

Some of the restaurants one can expect to find are:

Capello: They serve a variety of foods from sushi to Pizza’s.

Ciao Baby Cucina: An Italian style restaurant.

Karoo Cattle and Land: This is for the meat eaters out there and those who enjoy a large plate of food.

Moyo: The African inspired restaurant.

Eden Café: For a light bite to eat.

Café Sofia: The mese and tapas bar.

Eastern Fusion: for all the Asian food lovers out there.

Each restaurant offers a different atmosphere and they all accommodate the ever changing Cape weather. In the summer months there are umbrellas up outside each restaurant so that everyone can enjoy the view and the warm summer days. There are not enough umbrellas to cover every table and sometimes for those who are left melting in the sunshine it can be a little unpleasant. If the wind picks up the restaurants all have plastic sheeting that keeps the wind out but preserves the view. In winter they have heaters keeping the chill out and the plastic sheeting keeps the rain out.

There is nothing like a refreshing cocktail with your friends at a relaxing and tranquil venue. With the assortment of restaurants you will always find a seat somewhere. For more information on what’s what at Eden on the Bay visit their website at Below is a detailed map of where Eden on the Bay is situated. If anything it is a new destination with a different vibe and you never know if you will enjoy it until you try it.

Bronwyn May (@BronnMay)

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