Throw in a magically misty evening, a couple of flamboyant; extremely charismatic chef’s from Cape Town’s top restaurants and a delightful goodie bag and the product is an incredibly enjoyable experience called ‘The Taste of Cape Town’.

The fourth annual Taste of Cape Town took place at the Green Point Cricket Club from 5-8 May and was an unforgettable experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The setting was surreal – elegant and stylishly decorated tents lit up the field which was littered with Foodie’s, intrepid young chef-sters and the mere mortals trying to catch a glimpse of their fiery gastronomical world. Upon arrival – the large goodie bag filled with Orbit Gum, magazines, coupons for fantastic deals and Spekko rice both tickled my fancy and my funny bone. After this gem my next issue was where to begin? The stalls were so enticing – free tastings and alcoholic beverages flowed like water at each restaurant front or exhibition. Not only were there many fine wines, restaurant booths, confectionary and magazine exhibitors offering exquisite deals but there was also a live performance venue, an interactive ‘Pick n Pay Wine and Canapé Experience’, Grolsch Beer Academy, Johnny Walker Whisky Theatre and the ‘Spekko Taste of Thailand’ live creations to enjoy.

I was enthralled by the live performances: Barrel-smoked kingklip with homemade fettuccini made by George Jardine of Jordan Restaurant; duck tortellini with fresh tomato sauce from Rudi Liebenberg; and a lovely Valrhona Chocolate Tasting taught by Brad Ball of Bistro Sixteen82. Although my favourite had to be a fantastic and humourous cook-off between the delightfully bubbly Anke Roux and Caroline Gardner (Fresh Living Magazine) and an incredibly sweet and talented Stefan Marais of Societi Bistro.

And, the food. Oh goodness – the food… Food that made you sigh in disbelief at its pure beauty passed through my lips that Thursday night – like you won’t believe. The pumpkin fritters dusted with gold and served with Amarula Mascarpone from Gold had me almost licking my plate and I had no words left to describe Stefan Marais’ (Societi Bistro) Mushroom Risotto. And Daniel Toledo of IL leone mastrantonio perfected the Panacotta al Limoncello into a divine treat that slid beautifully down my throat.

Another feature that impressed me greatly was the sophisticated, extremely clean luxury toilets that The Nice Equipment Company had set up. What looked like numerous trailers turned out to be full mini bathrooms complete with mirror, sink, fancy hand-wash and tabletop. These were by far the best public toilets I’ve ever used and it was almost a pleasure to use them. My green, bare-footed soul was particularly impressed by Pick ‘n Pay’s world-conservation conscious attitude – all plates, bowls and cups were made from recycled card; recycling bins were scattered all over the terrain and all goodie bags were made from the loveliest strong brown paper bag.

It was an evening of perfection and I was in my element. I absolutely CAN’T wait to go next year and if I can do anything – let me convince you to have a similar experience at The Good Food and Wine Show running at CTICC this weekend. Go little ones, go eat, drink and be merry.

Robyn Smith (@robynleasmith)

*All photo’s off the ‘Taste of Cape Town’ Facebook Page

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