The latest offering from Prince Squash took me by surprise. I had heard that it was nothing like they had ever tried before but still was not expecting what came out of the cover!

The lads from Prince have recruited a new employer by the looks of things, and you can tell by the new EXO3 Tour that he probably worked at Wilson!

Picking up the racquet, the first thing I noticed was it is head heavy (unlike anything Prince has done in the past), even the heaviest of Prince racquets have had a handle or evenly weighted balance. The changes don’t stop there though; the EXO3 Tour has a square head instead of the tear drop shape. They have given it the throat piece which can be found on the big brother, the Rebel. They have gone with the square string design instead of the fan, very Wilson/Dunlop like and with all of this change I was a little sceptical. Had Prince botched the job?

On court it has quite a unique feel, as I have mentioned there is a big Wilson influence in the design but it plays with that unmistakeable Prince flair. Although it is head heavy, you still have to wait for it through the shot. There is a lot of forgiveness when striking the ball thanks to the EXO3 technology which suspends the string from the frame by way of their patented Exo Skeletal Bridge. This increases the sweet spot and reduces vibrations when contact is made with the ball.

All of this power does not take away from the feel at all, Prince really have quite a unique racquet here.

I am of the opinion that the EXO3 Tour will be more suited to the player who has a slightly slower swing, plainly because of the forgiveness and size of the sweet spot. If however, you are just looking for a heavy racquet with a more conventional feel – Prince have created the beast for you. It offers an incredible sweet spot, with sublime feel and control. I am predicting that the older players are going to enjoy this one a little more than the youngsters though, it just has that type of feel!


  • Weight (unstrung): 140 g
  • Head size: 477 cm²
  • Balance: 37,8cm
  • Technology: EXO3

Owen Woods (@OwenWoods7)

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