As you all know, got its 1st major sponsor , Afrihost. As a result I thought about putting a little something together for all you internet users out there who may be interested in affordable, lightning fast and reliable internet.

How many of you have been on the internet and all of a sudden it drops in speed or just stops working all together? Imagine the internet where you experience no cut off’s every few minutes (because I know how important that download or Youtube video is). If this is what you vision, I suggest moving over to Afrihost.

Now some of you may be thinking that I am writing this to suck up to my sponsor, I AM NOT! I have been using Afrihost internet for the past 3-4 years now and I can count on my 1 finger the amount of times that I have had a network failure using Afrihost. That problem was last year when my website was redirecting for some reason. Gian and the team were on the problem within minutes and it was resolved within the hour (it was a Sunday afternoon just by the way).

So why choose Afrihost?

  • ADSL from R9.50/GB
  • Uncapped ADSL from R197pm
  • Hosting from just R9pm

And those are just services for the average user. Did I mention they were giving away an Ipad 2 on their website? Click here to enter!!

A big thanks to the Afrihost team for their great services and taking care of my internet and hosting!! Big Ups guys!!


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