I had the absolute privilege of attending the relaunch of Cape Town’s burlesque-style supper theatre venue, Vaudeville. The relaunch gave guests a chance to enjoy the fabulous entertainment, whilst taking in the delicacies of its new eatery, The Brasserie.

I felt extremely honored to be an invitee, as I had never been to Vaudeville, and was interested to find out what was so special about this particular venue. Amongst some of the invited guests, were comedians, Marc Lottering, Anne Hirsch, and Siv Ngesi, as well as famous columnist/writer Marianne Thamm, and a few twitterati too, like Angel Blythe C (@YesReallyAngel); and my guest, the multi-talented and stunning, Robyn Hobson (@robynhobson).

Walking in, one can’t help but feel the magic. There are fire-eaters walking on stilts, girls dancing with big feather fans, a man with a glass ball that he can balance pretty much everywhere, and fantastic lights and music -in fact the music is one of the things that makes you truly fall in love with the place!

Robyn and myself noticed a few people had a little design painted on their faces, so we both opted to have it done too. The face painters (or should I be calling the make-up artists?), did a lovely job, and certainly have perfected an art form of their own.

For those of you who haven’t yet been inside Vaudeville, it is beautiful. It’s a bit like a slightly modernised version of Moulin Rouge. The rich reds used in the decor lend themselves well to the supper theatre theme, as does the wooden floor, and the use of the theatrical masques of comedy and tragedy used throughout in the architecture.

Swiftly moving on to The Brasserie’s food, we had a three course meal, that offered us an idea of the key meal options, if one is to visit Vaudeville. The starter options (which we got a sample of each), was divine. Both Robyn and I opted for the steak and chips, over the fish and vegetarian options for our main meal. Whilst the steaks were good, I found that presentation-wise, they could have maybe made a few adjustments. Being a classy affair when one visits Vaudeville, the choice of bowls for the sauces, just didn’t seem to fit. I realise I’m being a little finicky, but I think as a whole, it took away from the wonderfully cooked, and tasting meal. For desert, we were given yet again a sample of their two favourite deserts: an apple tart, and a Lindt chocolate mousse type pudding with berries. Both were extremely delicious! On arrival, we were given cocktails (the mojitos are good!), when we reached our table we got a complimentary bottle of a heavenly red wine (can’t remember its name…), and to finish off the evening, a few shots of a sweet vodka, which I still need to find out the name of, because it was extremely yummy.

The entertainment was great, from the violinist who does acrobatics in the sky, while playing; to the robotic belly dancers, to the fire eater and trickster. There was a singer too. I think my favourite entertainer of the evening was our waitron. What an hilarious guy! He truly had us laughing from start to finish -and if we weren’t laughing at his jokes, we were chuckling at him dancing to a few of the numbers, as he moved from table to table. This is something that I believe all restaurants should have: staff who enjoy what their doing, while their doing it, and making dining out a truly fun experience.

After the evening at Vaudeville/The Brasserie came to an end, we enjoyed VIP access to the Fez Club, which was pleasant. There was a fun crowd, and it was awesome just dancing the night away, before heading home.

I wish I could explain the whole Vaudeville experience to you in more words, but quite honestly, I would not being doing it any justice. As you can see, I feel it’s an A-class venue, and I highly recommend that everybody goes, at least once in your life, because this unique style of dining is phenomenal. What more can I say? It’s an experience -and you have to see it, to believe it!

Jonathan Duguid (@theDramaKing)

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