Many consumers may not be aware of this great phenomenon, but Afrihost is quickly becoming a household name. Their main form of advertising is word-of-mouth, which is an ingenious move on their part, because who would you trust more to recommend a service to you; a television advert or a friend who has had first had experience with the service? If you provide a superior service it makes sense to trust your loyal followers to sing their praise to other keen potentials in the market. That also speaks volumes for the brand and service itself. Afrihost also offers a Double Money Back Guarantee to customers who may decide after 60 days that Afrihost is not for them, which shows that the company believes in the services they offer to the point where they are willing stake their reputation on it.

Afrihost is first and foremost known for its reliability and as a service provider reliability is a key factor. Not only does Afirhost offer 24/7 support but you can also contact them via their social media accounts. If you are on twitter I recommend you follow them as soon as you sign up with Afrihost, because if you have any queries they will respond to your promptly. They have even developed a Support Website to keep customers up to date with any planned maintenance and to help with any general questions. Forget about standing in queue’s waiting your turn or filling out lengthy paper work, with Afrihost you are a call away from subscribing to this fantastic service provider. It is also possible to send a ‘Help’ sms to 32541 and they will call you back.

After more than a year of subscribing to Afrihost I do not see us changing to another provider. My personal experience with Afrihost has been smooth sailing from day one. If there is ever a problem with accessing the internet we know Afrihost is NOT the cause of it. If you are tied in a contract with an unreliable service provider I suggest you visit where they ‘do not believe in contracts.’

Bronwyn May (@bronnmay)

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