I’m sure many of you have wondered what 1MillionPixels is all about, and some of you might have an idea, especially those of you who know about the guy with no socks.

So with less than one day to go before the launch, we thought it might be a good idea to divulge a little info about the project.

The idea is to raise money for the Starfish Foundation.

The Starfish Greathearts Foundation is an international development charity, aiming to bring life, hope and opportunity to children in South Africa, who have been orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS, and we want to help them, so we started a project where you can buy part of a website, and in return, all the proceeds will go towards this fine charity.

Of course 1MillionPixels won’t stop just there. It will continue to help many organizations way beyond its initial goal, but how we will do that, is a story for another day.

Now the concept behind 1MillionPixels might not be new, but the idea is. See we don’t need socks, 1MillionPixels was created for a REAL good cause, and to make it even better, we were lucky to have FHM 2011 Model, Jessica Leandra join the project. What does this mean then? Well, our friend with no socks didn’t have an exclusive picture of Jessica Leandra.

Hidden behind the web estate for sale, is this picture. It was exclusively taken for 1MillionPixels, and cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. As the pixels get sold, this picture will be revealed. It will however remain pixilated until all the web estate is sold.

So the idea then is to own a piece of a website that is dedicated to helping those in need, and off course you will also own your own piece of Jessica’s picture…now who wouldn’t want that?

Check back tomorrow just after 10:00am when the website (http://1millionpixels.org) launches, and remember to follow @1millionpixels on twitter.

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