Chanel Hurlin is one of Cape Town’s two semi-finalists in the Miss Earth South Africa pageant (or “leadership programme”). This blondie is on a mission to create environmental and green awareness in South Africa. If she is successful as the Cape Town finalist, she will move through to the national semi-finalists, and if successful as a winner, head-through to the international Miss Earth competition, where she will compete as a semi-finalist against all the other country’s Miss Earth winners, in the pursuit of being crowned Miss Earth.

Hurlin is no stranger to pageants. Her last pageant, which you might or might not recognise her from, was Miss Summer Heat 2011 where she was crowned Queen. Miss Earth, however; is a different type of pageant, with a deeper meaning and a message of hope and growth to our nation, through a new way of thinking.

You may be thinking to yourself “This is some crazy lentil and beans hippie stuff…” -Let me tell you, it’s not. Hurlin encourages people to live a normal life and just make small adjustments here and there.

She has been working with communities around Cape Town to ensure a sustainable future environmentally for South Africa. Hurlin has been spending time planting trees with youngsters; educating young and old with simple tips to lead a greener lifestyle; and collecting glass, to be recycled. These are a few of the reasons why the Miss Earth pageant is referred to as a leadership programme.

Working with numerous schools and communities, Hurlin hopes to bring change to the way we think about the Earth, through generating different mediums of awareness. One of these modes is her video uploads that share ways of changing your lifestyle in the smallest way to make a difference.

[View Chanel Hurlin’s video tips on Recycling and Trees and Vegetable Gardens]

Two of Hurlin’s favourite greener-lifestyle tips are:

1. Don’t leave lights on unnecessarily: If you’re leaving a room, turn off the lights [preferably at the socket], and if one light will do -then turn off the others.

2. Use glass: Apart from glass being a healthier option to store goodies in [as it doesn’t release harmful chemicals -as plastics can], Hurlin is also fond of this storage medium as it is more recyclable. In fact, she is currently doing a glass recycle drive at the moment. Should you have any glass you wish to recycle, you can catch her most mornings at the Constantia Village Pick n Pay.

There is a lot we can learn from these Miss Earth SA beauty-queens [who have more than just a pretty face], so keep your eye on the competition, and witness Chanel Hurlin as she goes from strength to strength.

Think green. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


To follow Chanel Hurlin’s progress in the Miss Earth SA pageant:

> Follow her on Twitter: @ChanelHurlin

> Read her blogposts and news on the Miss Earth SA blog.

> Catch her updates on the Miss Earth SA Facebook Page.


Jonathan Duguid (@theDramaKing)

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