A Standard Bank Ovation award in 2010, this show definitely lived up to its expectations. The classic satire and just pure brotherly love set the scene for this show. The Pretoria brothers, Ash and Bradley, act in their personal capacities and the relationship which is portrayed between Ash and his fiancé Vanessa Harris is real.

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The show is set at Ash’s bachelor party where the brothers get absolutely “smashed” and have The hangover type experience. They wake up the next morning to find that Vanessa’s dad’s car has been “stolen”. Bradley suggests that they enter a dance competition to win enough money to buy a new car before the wedding.

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Apart from the show starting 10minutes late, as is the norm for the first day of the Grahamstown Arts Festival, it did not detract from the genuine roar of laughter from the crowd when it started. The duos interaction with the crowd was more than pleasing as it enabled the actors to develop a personal relationship with the audience. The choreography in this show is absolutely amazing and the audience is definitely shown that Big Boys can “shuffle”.

Source: www.io.co.za

This is definitely a must watch show for young and old. You must however be warned that you should buck up on your music and movie knowledge before watching this show else you might be left behind with the satire which is on display.


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