Imagine my delight upon stumbling into a small piece of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory not-so-hidden away at the V & A Waterfront. Chocolate by Tomes is a chocolate boutique that sells and manufactures decadent bites and boxes of chocolates made solely from African Ingredients.


If you like chocolates and truffles of any nature, this is one shop that won’t disappoint you. Quality chocolate, ingredients and superb flavours will entice and satisfy accompanied by prices that will leave you smiling.

Not only do they sell truffles (roughly R3-R5) but gift boxes (R35), coffee, mini slabs (35g – R9.95; 80g – R19.95), bouchees and novelty ingredients. With such a wide range of flavours varying from the classic Hazelnut Praline complete with creamy, hazelnutty excellence to indigenous flavours like Fynbos & Honey; Amarula Cream and Baobab & Lemon it’s impossible not to want to try them all and deciding is a lengthy process. Yet their service comes with a grin and the shop is elegantly decorated and dressed to leave the customer enveloped in a warm, chocolatey hug.

These delicious treats are also fantastic gifts, wedding favours and dessert ideas – play around with chocolate cups; chocolate shot glasses and truffle cups or add to your wedding table by having treats personally foil wrapped in your desired colour for your guests.

I could’ve mulled over the chocolates for hours and the delicate designs that they are uniquely decorated with makes the time even more pleasant. Next time I’m at the Waterfront this will be the first place I visit – so go chocolate lovers, go visit Candyland…

Robyn (@robynleasmith)

  • hello robyn Smith how r u you have made a nice story of chocolate by tomes from guy from paarl

  • Leslie

    Absolutely my favourite shop. Simply the best tasting, looking and variety of chocolate yet found. Willie wonka specialises in dark chocolate but here i found the milky version with an array of filled options and my favourite, white chocolate that melts in the mouth and leaves you wanting more. The quality chocolates also come in classy packaging and are displayed in the same way. If it werent for Chocolates by Tomas id avoid the waterfront with pricing that only caters for ignorant tourists and shocking service from high end restaurants. However i am drawn to Tomas and i leave with a smile as their decadent chocolates melt in my mouth. Make a stop there it will make your shopping experience well worth while.

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