Switch 2 Health is a new company that believes the key to health and your general well-being is motivation, and what better way to motivate someone than by offering a rewards based program just for being active?

The S2H (Switch 2 Health) Replay is the way they plan on doing this. The product is essentially an activity tracker that doubles as a watch, or a watch that doubles as an activity tracker. It records your activity and it can even tell you the date and time!! A simple device that “counts” how long you are active for, clock up 60 minutes of activity and get 60 points for your trouble!

The device is a tiny box that fits into a silicon band. Tells the time and date, the display shows you when you are active J and when you are not L, with interchangeable bands (available in a full range of bright and funky colours) you are sure to never get bored with your Replay!

The device sounds like it is broken as you put it on, but don’t be alarmed, what you are hearing is the tracker working. It is in the form of a little ball inside the device, when it moves, you earn points!

You need to be active for about 3 minutes for a line to be filled on the screen. 5 lines per bar, 4 bars in total (60 minutes = 60 points), fill up all of the bars and your S2H Replay spits out a code. Simply upload the code onto the website and claim your reward. Simply, easy and making fat kids thin getting people active worldwide!

The concept of the S2H reward/activity program is an awesome one. By using a simple, fun, device they are encouraging all kinds of people to be active, remain active, and be rewarded for it. Reward partners at the moment include the likes of Look ‘n Listen, Netflorist, G-Side Optometrists, Apple and the list is sure to grow. I hear rumours that there will be a S2H pedometer arriving shortly (called the S2H Step) which will allow you to earn points just by walking.

The S2H Replay costs a once off fee of R450 (replacement bands are R90 each) and you are off! Rack up those points and reward yourself. The more points you upload the better the rewards get, so my advice is to use it with a long term goal in mind!

Get one for yourself and all of your kids! Reward yourself for being healthy!

For more info visit: http://switch2health.co.za/

Owen Woods (@owenwoods7)


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