Finally, the very last Harry Potter film has hit cinemas and for those who have been devoted fans since the books arrived on our shelves this is the edition where all the finer details are revealed, all questions are answered and all lose ends are tied up. I had to book 4 days in Advance to secure myself ticket and all my excitement and anticipation was by no means let down when I finally arrived at the cinema, 3D glasses in hand. The world of Harry Potter is understandably not for everybody; however, from an entertainment point of view there is no reason why just about everybody should not enjoy this film. As it is a follow on from the Deathly Hallows Part 1 it literally begins from where the previous film ended so before you venture to the cinemas it would be wise to remind yourself what happened in the previous film.

This was the ultimate Harry Potter film out of the seven books and as the finale it does the books and each film before it proud. Each character has been so well developed and the thickened plot has now reached its defining moment. The darkness that has become more and more prominent in each consecutive film reaches its peak. Owing to Harry, Ron and Hermione’s efforts Voldermort’s powers have drastically begun to weaken, which makes the story line more plausible as a wizard of Voldemort’s abilities would ultimately win in a stand-off against Harry Potter and Harry is aware of that. He keeps himself hidden until the opportune moment arises and he knows he stands a chance to win against the dark lord for once and for all. Some characters do not make it through the final battle; others who were lost before reappear for brief moments; if you are a diehard fan there are moments when you may even cry. Some find love and there is some light hearted humour amidst all the chaos.

The only criticism I have of the film comes in right at the end. Although some people prefer a fully concluded ending to films where they can have insight in to what has become of their heroes, this time around it may have been better to leave out that last little snippet. It does not ruin the film in any way it just makes the bitter-sweet end of the battle seem somewhat frivolous. I will not ruin the ending for you and I shall leave you to make up your own mind about it.

Aside from the story line the special effect in the film are top notch. If given the choice to watch it in 2D or 3D I would highly recommend one spends a bit more and enjoys the full effects of the movie on a larger screen in 3D. At the Nu Metro cinema there were not many previews so do not arrive late thinking you will be just in time. The film is a good 2 hours of action packed, thrilling adventure.

Bronwyn May (@bronnmay)


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