Comedy is very subjective genre -as the old saying goes, “different strokes for diferent folks”.

I have compiled a list of MY all-time favourite comedies in film, and I reiterate that this is my personal top five comedy movies. These are films that I believe everybody should watch sometime in their lifetime, and would even suggest that you arrange a comedy movie weekend watching these. Under each film, I’ve given a really short synopsis of the film.

[HINT: Bookmark this page, and refer to it before heading out to rent a film.]

Anyways, without further ado, let’s get into that top five:

Number 5: Rat Race

An hilarious tale about a people in goose-chase after one million dollars. This film plays on stereotypes, but adds a twist, as we get to know the characters, as the movie unfolds, each of them having some sort of funny difficulty on the road to find the money.

Number 4: Austin Powers – The Spy Who Shagged Me

A spoof of James Bond, the Austin Powers franchise has built up quite a cult-following. With a mixture of clever comedy, a lot of it slapstick (but cleverly thought out), sex, and of course, action, this is one movie that is a must-see. This film stars the one and only, Mike Myers.

Number 3: White Chicks

From arguably the kings of comedy in the US, the Wayan Brothers, comes this funny movie about two black FBI agents who have to go under cover as Paris-Hiltion-type heiresses. This movie is filled with one-liners that never get funny, and tend to become in-jokes amongst friends.

Number 2: The Birdcage

The story of a gay father and his lover, who run a night club, and seek to impress the rather regal family of his son’s future in-laws. This movie will make you want to laugh all the way to the bank. The Birdcage stars Robin Williams and Nathan Lane.

Number 1: A Fish Called Wanda

A love triangle all centralised around a diamond heist, with a woman called Wanda stuck in the middle, this movie is utterly hilarious, truly poking fun at stereotypes. A Fish Called Wanda will have you in stitches from start to finish. Starring John Cleese, Jamie-Lee Curtis, Michale Palin, and Kevin Line (who won a much deserved Oscar for his performance), this movie is my number one comedy of all-time.

Jonathan Duguid [@theDramaKing]

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