Yes, it is a drag show with real drag queens dressed to the nine’s who perform their hearts out to entertain the wide-eyed audience. If you are conservative or a prude in any way I suggest you sit this one out, because the night is filled with dirty jokes and innuendos. As you enter the restaurant you are greeted by the welcoming and charming staff at Beefcakes. They are happy to help and even with a smile! The venue is cosy and decorated in pink and purple. You will immediately get caught up in the vibe, because it is all around you. The waiters are well-mannered and loads of fun.

What would a drag show be without any cocktails? Both the cocktail and burger menu’s are worth a read. The names of each item will have you in stitches. From the Chilli on the Willy Burger to the Greek God Burger, there is something special for everyone to enjoy. . You can order your burger with French fries, wedges or for the health conscious, with salad. The show begins at 20:30 so be sure to arrive an hour before so you can order some food and drinks before the show starts, because you do not want to miss it. I also suggest booking well in advance because the show is booked out nearly a week in advance, which goes to show it is a must see!

When the opening number steps on to the stage I can guarantee you will check out the glamorous drag queens from head to toe. They really do go all out to impress. The opening number lip sync’s to some great classics while putting on a show. As the space is limited you have to give them credit for what they come up with. After the interval it is time for the main event; the drag queen of all drag queens. The show would not be complete without some live singing and naughty pokes at the straight men and the main event is everything you would expect from a drag queen! The outfit is over the top and everything is tucked away so well you would swear it was a woman performing in front of you. The performers change weekly so you may not always have the same drag queen, which is great because it keeps the performances fresh and entertaining.

Beefcakes is a great venue for a birthday party and they will sing happy birthday to you! They will also request that the entire restaurant joins in. If you are more comfortable with a quiet, uninterrupted dinner I suggest you do not go to Beefcakes, but if you are up for a fabulous night with your friends Beefcakes is the place for you.

Bronwyn May (@bronnmay)

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