On Tuesday, I had the sheer delight of attending Cracks and the City 2 at the Golden Arrow Studio at the Baxter Theatre. Quite often it is said that a sequel can never be as great, or overpower an original -and this is something that I, for the most-part believe; however this is not the case with this sequel to the hilarious Cracks and the City that showed at the Baxter Flipside venue last year. The piece presents a great evening of eclectic comedy, with something to tickle everybody’s funny-bone.

Performed by four amazingly talented individuals, made up of Marianne Thamm, Anne Hirsch, Anthea Thompson, and Shimmy Isaacs, Cracks and the City 2 guarentees a good laugh or few. Award-winning journalist and writer, Marianne Thamm, heads up The Cracks on this adventure, bringing more ‘intellectual humour’ to the party, as well as acting as MC. Stand-up comedian and actress (as well as the winner of So You Think You’re Funny?), Anne Hirsch, brings her special style of comedy out, using mainly single phrases and puns, in generating hoards of laughter. Anthea Thompson, one of Cape Town’s most busiest actors, in my opinion (and award-winning too) yet again brings out old lady, Bertha Cummings, who had the audience almost wetting themselves, as this character reveals more and more about herself. Last, but not least in the line-up, was the fabulous Shimmy Isaacs. She too is award-winning, and is an actor and a comedian. Isaacs shares some knowledge from the different things she has observed whilst recently travelling to New York. In between all the four acts, hilarious film skits are played, to keep one smiling throughout the journey.

As much as I had an enjoyable evening, I must note that there are some things I would’ve liked to seen more or less of. I’ll start on an optimistic note. I would’ve really liked to have seen more from Shimmy Isaacs. I felt that her act had me hooked, and all of a sudden, it quickly came to an end. I think she has a lot more to offer, so would’ve like to have seen her continue for a few minutes longer. Moving to the pessimistic side of things, at times I felt that Marianne Thamm was not really entertaining the audience, but rather promoting Helen Zille and the DA. I have seen Thamm perform before, and know she has a lot more to offer audiences -material that is even funnier than punting the DA and Zille.

On a final note, I must say that I had a truly enjoyable evening. It was light-hearted, fun, and just what the doctor ordered. These four women have attitude -and will rock your socks! Celebrate Women’s Month and head through to the Baxter for Cracks and the City 2 -showing till 13 August.

– Jonathan Duguid [@theDramaKing]

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