Angry Birds Rio Update

If you haven’t yet heard about it, Angry Birds Rio launched an update a month ago. The update sees an addition of 2 new levels namely Beach Volley and Carnival Upheavel. It didn’t take me too long to get through the levels but now to master them with 3 stars is proving quite a mission. The game is available on pc, mobiles, tablets and now even on Google+.

Residency Card

How would you like to live the ultimate lifestyle? Residency is a new lifestyle membership card (Cape Town Residents ONLY) that ensures locals can enjoy the best nightlife, shops, activities and much more! I think that if you live in the Cape Town area, this would be a good investment if you are the adventurous and outgoing person! Check it out here

Fizz pops increase in size

Yes, believe it or not, Fizz Pops have increased in size. Not only have they grown from 13g to 20.5g but they taste a whole lot better too! I found myself in Spar last night and saw a pack of 10×20.5g Fizz Pops for R9.95 so I grabbed them and what a good buy it was!

A radio that sends messages and can make calls for R99

Ok I might be exaggerating (about the radio part) but I bought an 8ta cellphone for R99 (Brand New)! It was just used as a mess around phone but wow the radio on it is AMAZING! The battery lasts a good part of 10hrs and in my eyes, any radio that make calls and receive SMS’s is a winner for any student that has lost their phone. It’s not your top of the range smart phone (That’s coming soon check out the ideos) but it does the job.

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