The bow tie trend, inspired by female dandy, is back!  And with that, all it’s vintage bang to back it up!
Ever find yourself in the perfect outfit with just that necklace or scarf missing?  Then you find yourself changing your whole entire outfit because you can’t find that one perfect matching necklace?  Well, why not opt for a bow tie instead?  And don’t think the bow tie that men and clowns wear (not implying that men and clowns are related, no), but the bow tie that will match your outfit and give it that extra bit of pazazz!
The bow tie can turn any outfit around, and is really perfect for any outfit too.  You can sport a bow tie from small and ribbon strappy, to over sized and full of sparkles!  Anyone can rock this trend making it’s comeback!
These celebs use the classic and elegant black bow tie, and pair it with a revamped look on the suit.  While Rihanna (middle) rocks puffed gaga sleeves, and a straight leg pants, Diane Kruger (far left) opts for suspenders, and a fitted blouse.  Chloe Kardashian (far right) uses the contrast from her high waisted skirt in her classic bow tie, rounding off her executive looking outfit.  All sporting an elegant, yet modern look on the bow tie (and the suit!).
LeeLee Sobieski (far left) sports a little black dress with a plunging neck line with her black bow tie and plays it safe, where the gorgoeus Olivia Palerma (middle) opts for an over sized floppy bow tie with her very modern and playful take on the bow tie, while Naya Riviera (far right) also sports an over sized bow tie, but a polka dot one, adding a bit of fun to her bow tie and outfit.
The bow toe can be worn in many ways and is the key in adding that extra bit of dandyness to your look for an evening.  The key is to not over do it, if you’re going for a bow tie, wear a fitted blouse so that you don’t look like masculine.  Also, do not overdo your bow tie look with a big hairstyle – keep the bow tie to a max, and the hair to a neat ballerina bun or ponytail.
If you still want to sport an item of dandy fashion in your look, and feel the bow tie if not all you, opt for a brooch or a boy blazer and you will instantly have a winning look.
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