Vintage fashion is slowly becoming more and more worn in the fashion world of today.  Brands and designer wear are being tossed aside to make space for vintage inspired (and full-on vintage) pieces that are one-of-a-kind with a certain aura about them that draws so many people to this fashion ‘trend’.

Janece, of Vintage Lover Store is a vintage pro and talks about good vintage vs bad vintage, how to wear vintage, and how she started out with her fabulous vintage store, stocking girls wear, boys wear, bags, and the newest to the collection, jewels.

Janece grew up in a vintage environment with clothing and fashion being the pinnicle of her life.  But it wasn’t until much later when her overflowed cupboard of clothing dubbed her “mecca” threw her to a stall at the You & Me & Everyone We Know market where she sold her vintage items and attrated more of a crowd and passion than she ever thought would.

“I loved every minute of the market!  The people, the vibe, and most of all, fashion!  I was not sad to see my clothes go, it made me happy to see them get good homes and to have happy customers!”

With the ever-changing fashion world and trends coming and going with every fashion magazine hitting the shelves these days, there is certainly a huge market for vintage pieces and an the importance of vintage reaching heights everyday.

I think vintage fashion is extremely important at the moment, because it falls a part of recycling and the going green iniative.  And fashion is always reviving some or other trend, why buy something new when you can get the original?”

Janece says you can also easily pair something vintage with something new, making a modern trend unique, that only you will be wearing.  She adds that vintage plays a huge role in the individuality people yearn for in their fashion and personalities today.

“I have found that my stock does sell quickly.  I think that people know when they buy from me, it is good quality, and something very unique, and I always give good service and go the extra mile for my clients.”

All the pieces in the Vintage Lover Store are one-of-a-kind and influenced and inspired by all the international magazines Janece reads, pieces that catch her eye, and pieces that she feel need to be owned by someone who will appreciate them.  It is also a lot of her own taste and her customers love her collections.

Everyone seems very excited and I think the pieces are cute, fun and versatile.”

Wanting to start your own vintage collection and have no idea where to buy?  Janece gives a few tips when buying your vintage.

“When buying vintage, don’t buy something you think you’ll wear, buy something you know you’ll wear.  Buy it because you love it and it makes you feel special.”

“Look for holes, loose seams, check the lining, sizing was very different way back when so if you can do try it on, or know your body well enough to know what will fit you.”

“If you buy something to fix up or alter, remember, it might just fall apart and it might be a disaster and sometimes when you wash things they totally disintegrate (yes this has happened to me, one minute it’s a beautiful garment the next it’s a few scraps of material).”

“BUT if you buy it from me, I have washed and checked it, so you know it’s ready to wear and perfectly fine.  I take the aches and pains out of second hand clothes for you, if you get it from me you know it’s quality, good and clean.  And always always make sure that you are buying from a licensed vintage dealer, do not support businesses that are illegal and not properly run, also if your dealer isn’t licensed they could be selling stolen goods.  So please make sure you deal with someone you trust and who is legitimate.”

Nicci St Bruce of VAMP & City-Kids wearing Vintage Lover

Vintage Lover Store is legal and has all the required licenses that are required when running a store.  Her pieces can be found at her Facebook Page here, on her blog here, and you can catch her at her regular spot at the City Bowl on Hope market and the You & Me & Everyone We Know market.

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