Hey Mandi! It’s good to feature you on ReviewMe.co.za. Tell us more about yourself.


I was born on 1 January 1989. Being a new year’s baby, I guess my road was cut out to be special.


I am ridiculously tall (6 ft. 2), I can touch my nose with my tongue and I play backgammon on my Galaxy Tab every night before I fall asleep. I have a lack of blood flow to my feet so they are always cold and I’m an undercover nerd.


But on a more serious note…


I am a former South African Sub-Youth Pole Vault Champ and Record holder and a complete sports fanatic lucky enough to work in the sports broadcast industry. I’m also a fitness enthusiast and a qualified Health and Fitness Professional (Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, Supplement Consultant & Golf Conditioning Specialist). I was 2nd runner up Miss Body Beautiful South Africa and Top 10 Miss Bikini Fitness South Africa 2009.

So I believe you have worked extremely hard to get your body. What is the key to having a great body?

Back in 2009 when I was working as a personal trainer I basically lived in the gym. So exercising was as part of my day as breathing was – inevitable. The key to getting ripped to shreds though is all about what you stick in your mouth. Abs are in fact made in the kitchen. All in all it’s all about discipline, time management and prioritising. Living the hectic lifestyle that I do now, I have to make time to go to gym and really watch what I eat. That being said, and speaking of lifestyle, it really becomes just that – a lifestyle. Do something for long enough, it becomes a habit.

How does supplementing influence a training program? What brand of supplements would you recommend?

Supplementation plays a vital role in my life, not only assisting in training and the recovery process, but in my daily activities too. I am privileged enough to be a part of USN as a brand ambassador and they take care of my supplement needs.


How supplementing influences my training and lifestyle in a nutshell:


USN Women’s Daily Pack – complete combination of the most essential micro-nutrients and health promoting plant extracts in one convenient daily supplement sachet pack. The combination is gender-specific to females, and it has been scientifically developed to fulfil the needs of the average, active female with the aim of reducing the occurrence or development of disease as well as the frequency of infection. It offers a complete combination of highly bio-available vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, phytochemicals, essential fatty acids, plant sterols, cognitive enhancers as well as hard tissue (bone/joint) nutrients.


USN Phedra-Cut Ultra XT – I have with breakfast, lunch, dinner. It’s a fat burner that accelerate and regulate the body’s metabolism for increased fat loss.


USN CLA – It’s a non-stimulant weight loss supplement that supports weight loss and the metabolic processes involved with fat burning. With further health benefits including blood sugar regulation to promote a lean physique.


USN Diet Fuel Ultra Lean and USN Diet Fuel Bars – I use both as meal replacements because I don’t always have time to eat a proper meal. It’s very important to eat regularly (I try to eat 5-6 times a day) to keep the metabolism going and especially to have protein with each meal. I also always make sure I have protein directly after training to assist in recovery.



USN Vita Blitz and USN Sugar Free Spike – my little livesavers that gets me through work. I usually work until the early hours of the morning and sometimes need to concentrate for long hours at a time. They both enhance mental and physical performance.


USN Protein Dessert – my not so guilty pleasure when I get home from work at night! It offers a guilt-free indulgence with a high-protein, low-carb, low-fat dessert, formulated to supply your body with essential amino acids while you sleep. Absolutely love it, definitely my fav supplement at the moment.

Apart from working so hard at the gym, you do some behind the scenes work at Supersport. What does this entail?

I’d actually say I work harder at Supersport than in the gym nowadays! But I’m really loving it. I work as a freelance editor, basically cutting highlights. So it’s everything from the highlights that play out after halftime in a football or rugby game, the 5min highlights, games cut down to an hour etc. Basically working with visuals and audio to capture the best moments in the game/sport.


What is your favorite sport?

I enjoy about every single sport out there. Working at Supersport there’s no other way than getting into everything that you work on and that plays out on air. I do however have a special appreciation for rugby and more recently golf too.

Strawberries or chocolate?

Apples? Haha. I have a slight addiction problem to apples. But I’d choose strawberries above chocolates 🙂


What sports have you played or currently play?

I grew up as an all-round athlete. I think I was playing cricket before I was talking. I was an avid cricket player until the age of 12 (doing gymnastics, swimming, hockey, netball and tennis in between), then I started taking athletics more seriously. I competed in athletics on national level for most of my school years (Pole Vault, High Jump, Long Jump and Hurdles). At the age of 15 I suffered a serious back injury. At that stage I was also playing competitive hockey, which I had to stop. Did a rehabilitation program and went back to vaulting on and off until last year but could never really get back into. I also ran with New Balance Multisport and played league football as a striker last year but eventually had to give up all sport due to injuries (probably the only con of being so tall).

When I was 10 I wanted to be…

A Vet. I love animals. Not sure what year Gladiators was on TV but I that was also something I would have loved to do!


At 6ft2 models would envy you! Ever decided to take up modeling as a profession?

When I was toddler I got my first call for a job. But I fell on my face down the stairs at home just before so that kind of ruined it. Then in 2009 I signed with a modeling agency with the plans to go abroad to become a fulltime model. I did a few photo shoots and ramp work and within a month realized that it wasn’t for me. If you know me personally, you’d know I just don’t have the personality for it at all!

Favorite food?

I love seafood, especially salmon! And did I mention apples??


What’s your favorite part about ReviewMe.co.za?

Got to give credit for the awesome comps always running! Enough to make anyone excited! Now where’s my prize? 🙂


Is there a special man in your life?

Well there is this dude, the only male on this planet I think that’ll ever understand when I have to work through the night. He doesn’t mind waiting for me at home and never complains when I get home late. His name is Eddy and it’s a teddy I got in Thailand in 2006. We are pretty much inseparable. He even flew down with me to Cape Town last week.


What is your dream job?

I believe I am pretty close to working my dream job already and not a lot of 22 year olds can say that. For as long as I’m involved in the sports industry I’ll be happy. I still have a lot of time on my hands and I am very lucky to be where I am so I’m just trying to enjoy the moment. Everything in my life up until now I’ve achieved by working hard and not necessarily by planning. So whatever I am blessed with in the end for putting in the hard work, I’m quite sure in the process I’ll continue living the dream and reach the ultimate “dream job”.


Where can people get the low down on Mandi?

I try and blog a bit on my website www.mandiventer.co.za every now and then. So that’s probably your best bet. Or to follow me on twitter @MandiVenter


Thanks for your time! Maybe next time we’ll have you feature in the ReviewMe.co.za Magazine!

Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

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