If you haven’t been in the loop with all the new happenings within the Afrihost sector then this post is for you! The new products that this post is going to look at are: ADSL + Wifi Roaming, Afrigamer ADSL and ADSL lines. This may sound like gibberish to most of you but read on and all will be revealed.

ADSL +Wifi Roaming

This product is a combination of ADSL and WIFI hotspots. This means that you can be connected to the internet 24/7 at home and if you decide to venture off to a Hotspot Location, you just type in your ADSL login details and can use the internet. The rates are a bit more expensive than straight ADSL but if you on the go all the time, this is for you!



1GB = R39

10GB = R260

50GB = R645


Afrigamer ADSL

As the name suggests, this is directed at the gamers in this world. This ADSL is unshaped which gives you excellent speeds to avoid lag. The data moved between you and the AfriGamer servers is absolutely FREE which means you don’t pay a cent to game on their servers.



R380 = 20GB ADSL (up to 10mbps), Free AfriGamer Bandwidth.

Top up = R29/GB


ADSL Lines

So we all know how much Telkom likes to rip us off, so ISP’s have taken it into their own hands to help bring down the rate of ADSL lines. Afrihost offers line speeds from 384kbps to 10016kbps. At this moment in time they only offer this to people with existing telephony services and it is self-installation. If you thinking about upgrading your ADSL line then I would suggest to go with one of these packages from Afrihost as it will save you A LOT in the long run.



384kbps = R149pm

1024kbps = R279pm

4mbps/10mbps = R399pm

For more info about all these products visit: www.afrihost.com

  • Pieter Brits

    I had my telephone line 384kbs moved to Afrihost. It took 8 days. I asked for it to be upgraded to 1024kbs. Apparantly Telkom could not do both. Now I wait for the upgrade by Afrihost. We are at day 4 and no-one at Afrihost can tell me how long it would take. Anyone that had a similiar experience?

  • Neelz

    Hey Pieter! I waited a few days for my line to be upgraded as well. It takes about 8-10days for everything to go through. It is well worth the wait though! 🙂 I am thoroughly enjoying my 4mb ADSL now…

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