I got this album a couple of weeks back and it has been the album I’ve been listening to throughout my exams. It is a 3-disc set produced by Blackwhole, Game and Dean Fuel. The first two discs are slightly disappointing but the third disc by Dean Fuel is simply amazing!

Disc 1 by Blackwhole consists of 13 tracks. This CD is extremely relaxed and is good for a day in the sun or cocktails with friends. This isn’t entirely my type of club music. This being said, Blackwhole has sold over 15 000 copies of their two released albums and have featured in a number of compilation albums with the likes of DJ Fresh, Oskido and Tokzen to name just a few.

Disc 2 by Game consists of 14 tracks. This is slightly more up tempo from the first disc and could be listened to whenever you are in the right mood for some good House music. Game is one of the most promising young talents from a dance DJ and Producers point of view. Game’s range of house is fantastic as he can go from playing urban to deep or even progressive.

Disc 3 by Dean Fuel consists of 18 tracks. This is probably the best disc as it is the kind of music which we have become accustomed to from Dean Fuel. It is up tempo and is definitely the kind of music you would enjoy in a club or even while having cocktails on a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends. Dean is one of the most accomplished DJ’s in the Southern Hemisphere, having played alongside Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto and Groove Armada to name just a few.

I think this 3-disc set is a must for anybody that enjoys House, Progressive and Electro dance music. The blend adds fantastic character to Electro Candi 3 disc set. Although I am not a big fan of the first 2 discs, the 3rd disc really makes up for them and I would definitely buy this album if I were you!

A brief taste of what his Electro Candi CD (disc 3) is all about:

Are you going to Electrify your Candi?



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