If you ventured onto Youtube today like most people in the office, you would’ve seen a couple of changes. The home screen has changed significantly and it looks more clean and user friendly. The channel pages haven’t changed all that much but have been “neatened” up somewhat.

The Home Screen

There are now three distinctive columns as seen above. The first column list most of the categories which are featured on the site. The second column now has the featured videos in it. It makes it easy to browse and shows you exactly which user uploaded what, without having to look too hard for it. Column three is the recommended videos. This means that it takes your previous watched videos and searches into account and suggests videos for you to watch which are similar to those you have previously seen.


The Video Screen

Not much has changed here except the 3 buttons above the screen are more pronounced which draws your attention to the video uploader, subscribing to their channel and how many videos they have uploaded.

Overall I think the new changes are pretty awesome. The off white background has a more calming effect and encourages you to spend more time on the website. The font is clearer and more pronounced which makes reading that much faster and easier. One problem I did however find, is that the videos seem to load a little bit slower than previously. You can head over to www.youtube.com and make your own suggestions as well.

Have fun


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