When it comes to selecting the perfect make-up brand there are a number of factors to consider: products need to be gentle on your skin, colors need to suit your skin tone, there needs to be a variety to select from, you need to be able to get hold of the brand easily and of course it has to suit your wallet. It is not always possible to afford the best of the best, but often it is worth spending a little more on decent make-up, because it lasts longer and the materials used to make the product are generally of a higher quality.

As I am an animal lover and do not believe in purchasing beauty products that have been tested on animals I take pride in knowing that Inglot products are not tested on animals. In their own words they state:

Inglot do no harm to animals and do no animal testing for reasons of good conscience. Additionally we insist that our suppliers do not test raw materials on animals on our behalf. We conduct our own, independent tests to assure that our products and ingredients are safe and worthy of your trust.


Inglot aspires to produce reasonably priced, high quality make-up products. Started 25 years ago by Wojtek Inglot, who was a pharmacist, the Inglot brand prides itself on making use of materials only from reputable suppliers. Aside from having the peace of mind that their products are composed of high quality materials and are not tested on animals, Inglot also teams up with make-up artists and color consultants to ensure they keep up with latest trends in make-up; and make-up is all about experimenting with new and different styles.

Entering an Inglot store is like walking on to a playground for make-up lovers. From brushes to accessories, face and body products and of course the Inglot range of products for eyes and lips; there is something for everyone. You can purchase individual colors or you can create your own pallet of eye shadows. There are different sized pallets to choose from, but the best part of the selection process is when you start selecting the range of colors to fill the pallet.

You may find that some make-up brands and products tend to flake off the eye on to the cheek during application or that the colors once applied are not as prominent as in the pallet. Inglot make-up products will not disappoint. Their colors do not fade from the pallet to your face and you will not find excess make-up all over your cheeks.

The Inglot staff are friendly, always ready to help and offer advice. As the staff are professional make-up artists you can be sure of their advice. If you prefer a demonstration of colors they are happy to oblige. Inglot store vouchers make a great gift and it gives your friends the opportunity to select what they like.

Bronwyn May (@bronnmay)

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