I have heard many South Africans complaining that we have no public transport that could match what they have overseas so I feel it is my duty to shed some light on the MyCiti Bus experience I recently had. I lived in London for a year and I have travelled around Europe a bit so not only is my opinion valid, it is based on solid experience as well. The point of public transport is to be more cost effective than owning your own vehicle and it is supposed to help minimize the number of cars on the roads to ease up on congestion during peak hours. It can only work properly and continue to expand if we make use of the service, but the service also has to be timely and we have to be able to get to our desired destination without any severe delays along the way.

I cannot begin to explain how anxious I was about trying out the MyCiti Bus, but once I was on the bus and the lady who sold the tickets on board had explained the how the tickets and routes work I felt as though I was on a London bus surrounded by a bunch of South Africans. The feeder buses will take you from your nearest stop to the main stop which is located in Table View across from Bayside Mall. From there you can move on to the bendy bus that will take you all the way to the Civic Centre which is in the heart of the Mother City. From there you can take another feeder bus and those buses go to the V & A Waterfront, CBD and Gardens. A trip from table view will cost you no more than R10 and on the way back it will cost you another R10. Not only could you never go in to town for under R10 with the cost of petrol, but with parking at R10 an hour in Cape Town’s CBD you really are winning by making use of the MyCiti Bus.

I have a good experience on the bus where I arrived at the Civic Centre after 40 to 45 minutes of travelling and then I had a bad experience which took me over an hour to arrive at the Civic Centre. You have to be prepared for good and bad days, because at the end of the day there are some days where you could end up sitting in your car for well over an hour and a half. There are designated seats for mothers and children as well as for the elderly. All in all I would say it is a great step in the right direction as far as public transport in South Africa is concerned.

Bronwyn May (@bronnmay)

  • Ryan McColl

    myconnect card by ABSA bank for My CiTi Bus what a JOKE.

    I currently have two myconnect card for My CiTi Bus because the first card I have forgotten the pin.

    I purchased my first card in March and this is the first time I had decided to use the My CiTi Bus service so it’s easy to forget a pin, I was told that if I didn’t want the myconnect card anymore then I would be refunded my R23 what they FAILED to mention is that I would need to head to an ABSA Bank.

    I cannot remember when last I was in a bank as I do everything online now I had to visit an ABSA bank to get my money back.. one other thing they FAILED to mention was the money loaded up on myconnect card would not be refunded.

    ABSA Bank strikes again!! I cannot believe that they will not refund my money surly this day light robbery at its best.

    My CiTi Bus I know that you follow rules that are put in place by ABSA bank but please do the following. Install PayStations where we can top up myconnect card using our bank cards or cash and for people that don’t want to purchase as myconnect card please introduce a once off ticket system.

    My CiTi Bus claims this on their website – “In line with modern transport systems across the world, MyCiTi provides a convenient way to travel.” – This is a JOKE! myconnect card by ABSA is a JOKE!

  • Ryan McColl

    My CiTi Bus – incompetent all the way!

    Follow on to my previous post, I received a phone call from My CiTi Bus and the person that called me didn’t even know the rules the result is I have to go to ABSA and reset my pin on myconnect card and then travel back to a My CiTi Bus terminal and ask them to refund me the cost of my card.

    The lady I spoke to at the terminal on Sunday said this could not be done hence my reason for saying My CiTi Bus has placed incompetent people all over the place even in their call centers.

    It’s only R23 but its the principle of the matter!!

    • Although, I completely understand your frustration with ABSA and MyCitiBus this is with regards to the transport aspect and not the myconnect cards used as they were not active when this was written. It is also good to be informed of what is going on though and how those myconnect cards are working -or more accurately not working – as they were supposed to be a convenient alternative to the paper booklet tickets. To me they work like an Oyster card in the London Underground.

      • @ryanmccoll

        To compare the myconnect card to the Oyster Card in London is a far cry from the truth – I laugh at that statement, thanks for the chuckle.

        Oyster Card you pay 3 pounds and can top up at a “paystation” no pin required and once you leave London you just hand your card in and they give you your 3 pounds back.

        If you have a look at my previous post on the myconnect card it is a JOKE and the fact that most of the people I have spoken to about resolving my issue are incompetent and don’t know anything themselves.

        • Now you’re just being rude and the reason people probably aren’t helping you is because of your attitude. I wasn’t comparing it to the oyster card I was simply saying it should work like the oyster card; I didn’t say it does. I read your complaint and if you had actually understood what I said I told you that this review was posted BEFORE the myconnect cards were even in use and I actually said it’s good to be informed of what is happening – I didn’t realise that was offensive. Again, I was actually considerate of your frustration, but after your snide response your opinion seems like that of a spoilt child that cannot get its way. If you want to be taken seriously converse with some manners. And the methods of payment might not be convenient, hence why I said it’s good to be informed of these things WHICH WEREN’T ACTIVE WHEN THIS WAS WRITTEN.

          • @ryanmccoll

            I should read before I comment and I do apologize to you bronwynmay.

            In saying that. I went to ABSA they reset my pin on my card Jessica Jacobs at the Tableview branch very helpful so Thank You.

            The phone call I got this morning from My CiTi Bus confirmed that I could get a refund on my card, I went their this afternoon and they say I cannot get a refund back because I do not have the receipt for my first card which I got in March this year.

            The frustration comes in because people say one thing and the message structure is not followed all the way down to the tellers at My CiTi Bus.

          • I completely understand that and I am happy to hear that it has been partly resolved. It is unfortunate when there is miscommunication of processes from the head office to the people on the front-line and that disconnect is quite alarming. It reflects poorly on both ABSA and MyCitiBus and someone has to answer to that. With the consumer acts in place I am certain that there must be a way for you to get your refund without the receipt? they should learn from their errors and improve their processes to make them more efficient in the future.

          • @ryanmccoll

            Chatting with Jessica from ABSA bank she told me last week that they had an employee from My CiTi Bus resetting pins on cards that have been blocked and handed in

            This could only lead me to believe that somewhere some station will take my card back irrespective of me not having a receipt.

            Effective communication is key in any business and if My CiTi Bus wishes to excel in their aims to be a World Class Public Transport Company then it’s best they look at internal matters first.

  • Sibusiso

    Today I was at the MyCiti bus terminal in Tableview awaiting a bus to Big Bay, when I witnessed one of the MyCiti employees unzipping his pants and adjust his shirt and pants, all this in full view of all the passengers, all this while talking and laughing with one of the other employees who was some distance away from him so needless to say we were all listening to the conversation about one of the women that had been at the terminal earlier. As if all this was not bad enough one of the other employees a fully grown man was busy flirting with one of the other passenger a school girl in school uniform, he followed her onto the bus and he held up the bus by not giving the clear signal to the driver while he was trying to get the young girls number. My girlfriend upon arriving home by way of the bus she complained about the very same thing, these unwarranted advances of these employees that do not take no for an answer. I am utterly disappointed at the fact that the MyCiti terminal is starting to resemble the antics of a Taxi rank and that women can be harassed with such disregard from the people who are charged with managing the terminal. I do hope that the it wont take a formal complaint by one of these girls to the police before something gets done.

    • rumtumtiggs

      I have found the same problem. There are 2 good workers at the Mycitibus station at Bayside and when they aren’t there you can stand around for ages without being kept up to date with when the next feeder bus is due to arrive. Dennis and EB should be commended on their hard work although EB is a huge flirt and could well have been the ones referred to in the above complaint.

      Most of the guys who work at the stations seem to have “a girl at every station” who they chat up and get phone numbers from. This is particularly bad when it happens to school children still in uniform who are often flattered by the attention but these full grown men should know better.

  • Iebtiesaam Manuel

    I live in residential area,in Walmer Estate, where the buses are to be launched.

    I can already foresee a problem going to arise. City council formed parking spaces in front of a very busy shop in the area named Coronation bazaar, now all of a sudden, no parking all red lines. Where are the patrons supposed to park, when they are used to parking right in front for all these years. Also not considering the aged and disabled who just needs a loaf of bread, to just quickly run in…

    Also the red lines in front of the peoples homes in Chester Road which they made into a one way, so no parking for residents or visitors, in front of your own house, absurd.

    Another thing, the stops they constructed… they built an island in Coronation Road, so no one else can pass if a bus is parked also right on the corner at a stop street in Rhodes Avenue. We have peak traffic traveling through the area to get to De Waal Drive,M3 and N2. They going to hold up everything.

    They are also not servicing the people who live right on top near De Waal Drive, namely, mountain, park, Grand Vue and Marsden, what about them…

    Then, I say keep the taxi’s, because they will drop you in front of your house.

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