After Skrillex last EP, he had to do something MASSIVE. I can safely say that this EP has absolutely BLOWN my mind.

The first track starts off with nothing that we are used to from Skrillex but then when the beat comes in you can really hear his unique sound coming through. The second track continues where the first left off and its dirty beats really add body to it. The rest of the EP brings a lot of new and unique sounds that I’m sure you will become accustomed to. This EP by Skrillex has really come a long way since his last one which I wasn’t such a big fan of.

The EP consists of 7 tracks of which 1 is a remix featuring Ellie Goulding. My favourite track of the album has to be the first on titled “Right in”. Head over to Beatport now to purchase this AMAZING EP.

PS. Use THIS link to  purchase the EP as I couldn’t find it when I searched manually.

Happy Listening


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