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The launch of Hed Kandi Accessories

Hed Kandi, the world’s most glamorous music and lifestyle brand have launched their new Hed Kandi branded music accessories into all Musica stores country wide, September 2011.

Famous dance music brand Hed Kandi has launched a range of iPhone, iPod audio accessories as well as a line of headphones, skins and cases. This iconic brand is now available at Musica stores country wide, choose from a wide range of headphones and accessories to glam up your tech lifestyle.

Hed Kandi is all about first class entertainment in every way, being the world’s trendiest whilst producing excellent dance music through their lifestyle brand. Every party-goer is set to be in for the most incredible club-like experience with the launch of their new range even from the comfort of their home.

Hed Kandi runs and maintains a record label, radio show, a successful chain of trendy bars and a fashion brand. The concept of stylish, glamorous living and partying was born in 1989 and has grown to become the global sensation it is today. They have a catalogue spanning over 100 albums showcasing Hed Kandi’s feel-good signature sounds with half a million copies sold yearly. They also boast bragging rights of 40 club hits and over a thousand international events every year.


Hed Kandi Website: www.hedkandi.co.za

Musica: http://www.musica.co.za/accessories/digital/page/60

Contact: [email protected]

Info: [email protected]


Vodacom 4U and BlackBerry are teaming up to power the 10th annual Rage Festival, with this year’s event promising to be bigger and better than ever before. 4U Rage Festival, South Africa’s largest and most exhilarating youth party kicks up a gear to bring Ragers the most coveted prize package to date! Three lucky, and we do mean lucky, 4U Passport holders stand to win the ultimate VIP Rage experience, living it up for a week in one of Umhlanga and Ballito (28 November – 6 December) or Plettenberg Bay’s (1 December – 8 December) finest-looking mansions with seven of their closes pals.


Greg Walsh, Managing Director of G&G Productions says about the festival, “Rage is reaching out to our fans, listening to what they want and then delivering the largest, loudest and most engaging experiences of their lives.”


Each lucky winner has the once in a lifetime chance to enjoy Rage in true VIP style, with a highly sought-after prize package up for grabs. This exciting prize experience includes:  transport for all eight Ragers from their homes to the mansion and back, a sophisticated four bedroom mansion that sleeps eight people, transport for the festival (including a personal chauffeur at all times), a fully stocked kitchen with delicious meals and beverages prepared by a private chef, security to keep out unwanted guests, VIP treatment at all Vodacom 4U Rage Festival events, a photo shoot at the mansion to ensure all your friends are green with envy, and of course, instant upgrades to VIP Platinum Passports for all eight Ragers.


Entering can be done in two easy steps. Firstly, Ragers need to purchase a Rage Festival 2011 Passport before the end of September 2011 and register their Passport online. Secondly, entrants must listen to the Fresh Drive on 5fm daily from the 3rd to 7th October in order to stand a chance to be one of the lucky winners. 4U Rage Festival 2011 Passports are available to purchase from Rage Agents. Visit www.ragefestival.co.za for more details on how to enter.


So now is the time to start making ‘survivor’ style alliances, and get as many of your friends to get their passports then confirm that they’ll take you with if they win! DO IT! You don’t wanna miss out on the ultimate prize,” says Walsh, reminding Ragers that entries close at the end of the month.

Event Details:

•        Date –                    25 November 2011 – 10 December 2011                               

•        Venue –                Umhlanga, Ballito, Plettenberg Bay

•        Time –                   All Day

•        Cost –                    VIP Platinum Rage Passport – R1300

Umhlanga Rage Passport – R900

Ballito Rage Passport – R600

Plett Rage Passport – R650

•        Website-             www.ragefestival.co.za

•        Facebook-           http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rage-Festival-South-



•        Twitter-                @GGRage


Event Enquiries: Lance Crouch – 0848400510

A vintage feature with Vintage Lover Store

Vintage fashion is slowly becoming more and more worn in the fashion world of today.  Brands and designer wear are being tossed aside to make space for vintage inspired (and full-on vintage) pieces that are one-of-a-kind with a certain aura about them that draws so many people to this fashion ‘trend’.

Janece, of Vintage Lover Store is a vintage pro and talks about good vintage vs bad vintage, how to wear vintage, and how she started out with her fabulous vintage store, stocking girls wear, boys wear, bags, and the newest to the collection, jewels.

Janece grew up in a vintage environment with clothing and fashion being the pinnicle of her life.  But it wasn’t until much later when her overflowed cupboard of clothing dubbed her “mecca” threw her to a stall at the You & Me & Everyone We Know market where she sold her vintage items and attrated more of a crowd and passion than she ever thought would.

“I loved every minute of the market!  The people, the vibe, and most of all, fashion!  I was not sad to see my clothes go, it made me happy to see them get good homes and to have happy customers!”

With the ever-changing fashion world and trends coming and going with every fashion magazine hitting the shelves these days, there is certainly a huge market for vintage pieces and an the importance of vintage reaching heights everyday.

I think vintage fashion is extremely important at the moment, because it falls a part of recycling and the going green iniative.  And fashion is always reviving some or other trend, why buy something new when you can get the original?”

Janece says you can also easily pair something vintage with something new, making a modern trend unique, that only you will be wearing.  She adds that vintage plays a huge role in the individuality people yearn for in their fashion and personalities today.

“I have found that my stock does sell quickly.  I think that people know when they buy from me, it is good quality, and something very unique, and I always give good service and go the extra mile for my clients.”

All the pieces in the Vintage Lover Store are one-of-a-kind and influenced and inspired by all the international magazines Janece reads, pieces that catch her eye, and pieces that she feel need to be owned by someone who will appreciate them.  It is also a lot of her own taste and her customers love her collections.

Everyone seems very excited and I think the pieces are cute, fun and versatile.”

Wanting to start your own vintage collection and have no idea where to buy?  Janece gives a few tips when buying your vintage.

“When buying vintage, don’t buy something you think you’ll wear, buy something you know you’ll wear.  Buy it because you love it and it makes you feel special.”

“Look for holes, loose seams, check the lining, sizing was very different way back when so if you can do try it on, or know your body well enough to know what will fit you.”

“If you buy something to fix up or alter, remember, it might just fall apart and it might be a disaster and sometimes when you wash things they totally disintegrate (yes this has happened to me, one minute it’s a beautiful garment the next it’s a few scraps of material).”

“BUT if you buy it from me, I have washed and checked it, so you know it’s ready to wear and perfectly fine.  I take the aches and pains out of second hand clothes for you, if you get it from me you know it’s quality, good and clean.  And always always make sure that you are buying from a licensed vintage dealer, do not support businesses that are illegal and not properly run, also if your dealer isn’t licensed they could be selling stolen goods.  So please make sure you deal with someone you trust and who is legitimate.”

Nicci St Bruce of VAMP & City-Kids wearing Vintage Lover

Vintage Lover Store is legal and has all the required licenses that are required when running a store.  Her pieces can be found at her Facebook Page here, on her blog here, and you can catch her at her regular spot at the City Bowl on Hope market and the You & Me & Everyone We Know market.

Babette Clothing

Babette Clothing is a vintage fashion collection of authentic dresses.  They are altered and remade, but without spraying too far from the original style.  Babette doesn’t only do these quirky remade dresses, but also has a collection of vintage blouses, floppy hats, belts, bad-ass jewels, and vintage shoes you wish you owned!

Babette is the brainchild and spawn of fashion designer Barbara Lötter.  It was through her studies at the Elizabeth Galloway Fashion Academy in Stellenbosch that changed the way she looked at fashion and developed her real passion for the vintage world.  Barbara travelled the world after studying and the thought of a collection of authentic dresses, altered and remade to make more wearable for the lifestyle of today, kicked in and took over.

Babette instantly became a hit and sought after with numerous spreads in magazine and stocked in several boutiques country wide, with her showroom and retail outlet in Woodstock, Cape Town.

The clothing line instantly became sought after, regularly features in fashion magazines and is now available at several boutiques country wide.  These dresses made of various fabrics will bring you days of good memories and loads of wearing fun!  Something that is strong becoming a closet must-have item.

Now it’s only conincidental (and I swear it really is coincidental!) that Babette is having her first BIG BIG BIRTHDAY SALE next week!  Now if you’ve ever had any excuse not to get your hands on Babette dresses, those excuses aren’t valid anymore.  For more information on the Babette sale visit the Facebook page here.


Kristi de Freitas (@KristiJane_)

Hed Kandi Public Launch – JHB

After Hed Kandi’s amazing media launch last Friday, we look forward to the much anticipated public launch on September 9, 2011.

Featured on the night will be the likes of: 5FM legendary DJ – Roger Goode, international Hed Kandi Dj – Stephanie Jay and memorable Nick Essentials.

Hed Kandi is all about first class entertainment in every way, and being the world’s trendiest clubbing brand it ensures excellent produced dance music. Johannesburg can expect an incredible clubbing experience, the kind of that Hed Kandi is has become known for.

Print this flier and make sure you bring it with you to Arena Royale on Friday, September 9, 2011, to get in free!

Hed Kandi (@hedkandiSA)

X&O men’s summer collection

It’s about time that I do something for the guys that read RevieMe and we all know that fashion is a unisex thing.  So here goes, this one is for you, guys!

X&O Summer Collection

X&O is stocked at selected YDE stores around South Africa and bring out a top male collection every season.  This year’s brand new Summer collection is all of that and more, combining casual with sophisticated, and have a little bit of everything from a tank top to a fitted blazer.

Left:  Miama Tee – R330  Fatique trousers:  R450
The tappered at the bottom with elastic jeans is taking the male fashion runways by storm this season and is a play on the skinny and sweatpants.  You can wear this jean with a tank top, or even a hoodie.  I would’nt pair it with a blazer, but if you can pull it off, it might look good.

Right:  Bird Tee – R350
The low V-neck sweat shirt has always been a timeless trend that will always remain.  This dark grey sweat shirt with swallow detail on the shoulders can be born under a blazer or with a pair of shorts.   What I also like about a sweat shirt with details on the shoulders is that it will highlight and define your shoulders if you are built.

Left:  Stone suit jacket – R950   Stripe Tee – R320   Maroon Skinny – R450
There is nothing better looking than a well-fitted skinny on a man.  Teamed with this stripe shirt and the blazer that can be removed when it is warm or for a more casual look.  Also a perfect example that colours can be teamed and look brilliant.

Right:  Black jacket – R899   Printed Tee – R380   Camel trousers – R450
One of my favourite looks from the new collection would be this one – The jacket works very well with the tapered trousers and the printed tee adding that extra little something to the outfit that a plain tee wouldn’t quite do.  This jacket can be used in Summer and Winter and be pulled off at a dinner or at a work function.

Left:  Check shirt – R399   Stone skinny: R450
Everyman needs a good check shirt in his closet.  This check shirt from X&O is just that one you need.  Combined with a stone coloured skinny, or even a black skinny, it is an outfit to be worn almost everywhere.  The skinny the model is wearing could be a bit tighter to avoid looking shapeless with the check shirt.

Right:  Blue & Cream stripped tee – R350   Blue skinny – R450
Not my favourite, I am not going to lie.  The shirt is too vintage for a collection like the X&O, but can be pulled off by some.  The skinny is also not one of my favourites but works with the shirt to create a vintage hipster look for a night drinking or a formal dinner.

The X&O collection is just one of the many male collections out for the Summer that you can play around with and try new styles with.  A very well rounded collection with a lot of different looks that by purchasing one item could be paired with a lot of items you already own.  Be daring this Summer guys, if you don’t wear skinnies, how about opt for one instead?  Although, I would not recommend this if you have built thighs…

VAMP clothing, jewels, & short film

For today’s Fashion Friday post I am treating you for some beautiful vintage pieces, badass jewels, and a short film made and inspired with this brand’s clothing pieces and jewels!

VAMP clothing is a badass vintage clothing and jewelry line by Nicci Saint Bruce of Cape Town.  Apart from VAMP being seen on every girl’s fingers and around their necks, the clothing of VAMP is being brought to life in a VAMP short film by Nicci and Jade Mulvaney.

Nicci’s jewels are made from pure brass, some are nickel free, and a few precious stone pieces too, and can bought on her online shop here, or at the City Bowl Fashion Market on Hope (the last Saturday of every month), Hello Again in Long Street, and a few other boutiques.  Her jewels have an edgy to them and are authentic and.  From a ram’s head to birds sitting on a branch, Nicci will have a pure brass ring or necklace for you.  Her jewels have such authenticity to them, that you can spot a VAMP jewel from a mile away.

The VAMP vintage clothing are all one-of-a-kind and vintage pieces that you won’t find hanging at YDE.  Her dresses have a very cute, but chic look to them and are professionally and neatly done.  But dresses is not where it stops.  Nicci has a range of items from high waisted jean shorts (with the USA flag on too!), faux fur coats, crop tops, genuine fur hats, and even a few leopard skin items in there too.  Her pieces can be viewed on her Facebook lookbooks here (which she constantly updates with new looks and new pieces), and ordered through dropping her a mail at [email protected] and it will done.

Now, this is where the fun and games kicked off!  VAMP is being brought to life in a short film to be launched at The Waiting Room on 5 September 2011.  The film combines Nicci’s VAMP clothing and Jade’s mastermind to create VAMP – the short film.  With everyone that’s a blogger writing about this launch, it can only be a great success.  The launch of the short film will also be the launch of the brand new VAMP men’s wear.  The men’s wear (a line of tees) can be purchased at the launch, and if her lady items are anything to go by, the men’s wear is going to be brilliant.  Take a look at the behind the scenes video of the short film below and view the launch’s Facebook event here for all the finer details:


Support local fashion by visiting the VAMP online store here and invest in the fashion brand breakthrough of the future.

Kristi de Freitas (@kristijane_)



SAA Expressly Frustrating

It is not often you hear consumers giving praise when it comes to an airline and SAA is no exception. As a South African government run and funded airline the only means of accurately describing SAA is the home affairs of the sky. As a reasonable person I find it perfectly acceptable that airlines cannot always control whether they run according to schedule or not. My major issue is that at the end of the day one’s opinion of an airline is based on the level of service and the quality of assistance one receives when dealing with the service centre for an airline. The responsibility of course falls to the staff and the policies in place.

I find it unfair that airlines will chop and change their flight schedules, no matter what the reason for it is, and expect a simple ‘we apologise for any inconvenience’ to suffice when as a consumer if you wish to change your flight plans you have to pay an additional fee. I understand that there are seats that need to be filled, but surely if you purchase your ticket at full price airlines could allow you one change at no additional cost? Also, being in the service industry one would assume that SAA would take the time to hire staff members who have the patience and manners to deal with consumers on a daily basis.

It should not be the duty of your consumers to lecture your staff on common decency. When a PAYING customer calls in to ask a question surely you expect your staff to be helpful and friendly? If that is not the case then I commend SAA on hiring the rudest, most disinterested, ill-mannered, unhelpful staff members they could find. I am sure there are one or two staff members who are a cut above the rest, but unfortunately all their hard work will be stunted owing to obvious reasons.


After extending my ticket for a week for an additional fee I then received three e-mails during that week telling me that the flight time had changed and it was 45 minutes later. I called SAA to double check and it was confirmed. When I arrived at the airport on time for the 45 minute delay I was told by the SAA representative at the check-in counter that there was in fact no delay and the flight would leave as scheduled. When she looked at my ticket she told me that was the incorrect time, yet the time being displayed on the board was the same as on my ticket.

As I was only boarding at 18:15 and it was 17:45 I decided to have a beverage before I went through security. At 17:55 they announced that it was the first boarding call for my flight. I ran through passport control and security but there was no gate on my ticket. At 18:10 they announced it was the final boarding call for my flight and when I heard the gate number I ran. Then I had to walk 2km’s to the aircraft. I was apparently the last passenger to board the flight much to the disgust of the airhostess. SAA have managed to prove on more than one occasion that they either have no clue what they are doing or that they pride themselves on being an incompetent airline.


Bronwyn May (@bronnmay)

Trinity comes second with Soundscape

All typing in RED are the responses from the Director of Soundscape Productions.


The night had eventually arrived of the Calvin Klein Lace lingerie fashion show or so I thought. A few weeks prior to the event, Calvin Klein had pulled out which left Soundscape Productions in a bit of a tight spot. They changed all the branding on online media but however failed to announce it on the Facebook event page or in their group (EVERYTHING WAS CHANGED ON FACEBOOK A DAY AFTER IT WAS PUT UP THERE) They still, however, continued to hand out some 450 *Free tickets to the event which had the Calvin Klein branding on it.



We arrived at Trinity, Cape Town at 8:15 and already there was a queue all the way down the stairs. By 9pm, when the doors should have opened, the queue had extended to at least 50m to 100m from the door. People started getting very aggravated by the doors not opening at 9pm because they had been waiting there for over an hour already and left to go to other clubs around Cape Town. The only way to get into the club without waiting in a huge line was to purchase a VIP ticket at the foyer area of Trinity. The doors apparently opened at 9:10 but according to comments on my Facebook fanpage they were said to open at 9:20. The free tickets were not accepted after 10pm (I can vouch for this as I was standing at the door waiting to meet people) even though the director said that the tickets were accepted till 10:10pm


One of the things which really irritated me was the fact that if you had a normal ticket, you could only exit the club after 23:00. This was “because there were too many people in the line” as one of the bouncers said. If there was a fire how would Trinity have evacuated all those people?


According to the ticket there were suppose to be “Body Painted Girls – Themed Dancers – Live Entertainment – Loads of Giveaways – Sensational Music & more”. A Body painted girl is defined as a form of body art unlike tattooing (because it is temporary). In my opinion they combined “themed dancers” and put a little bit of paint on them. The loads of giveaways, according to the director of Soundscape, were the 120 shots which Thunder Liqueur handed out.



Negative comments from my Facebook page were:

  1. Some of the ReviewMe ticket winners did not get in.
  2. The music was average (I understand this but the genre was according to the ticket)
  3. 7 handbags were stolen
  4. Bouncers were overzealous


Positives for the night:

  1. Soundscape Productions gave ReviewMe 30 Normal Double tickets to give away as well as 5 VIP tickets for myself
  2. VIP ticket holders could enter and exit the club at will
  3. The Trinity staff the following day were helpful in recovering lost items


Please note that I am not attacking anyone in this review but only reporting about what transpired at the event and information which I received after the event from the director of Soundscape Productions.


*The tickets stated that it admitted 2 persons before 22:00

To read a review about Trinity read the May Magazine!!!

Review: Dirt at the Baxter Theatre

At the heart of every friendship there is, of course, dirt. It is part of the glue that brings us together. Besides, what is a friendship, without knowing the nitty-gritty of your mates’ lives?

All the way from Johannesburg, Dirt, stars the multi-talented James Cairns. The production  is an hilarious South African comedy, told in a very engaging way. The delivery for the most-part is somewhat subtle -a preference of mine- yet each quip and quirk in this tale catches one very unexpected, which makes for great laughs and enjoyment.

Dirt, in short, tells the story of three long-lost friends, and a dog, who have to drive down from Guateng to Cape Town to pay tribute to a deceased poker friend of theirs. On the journey, the characters begin to dish out the dirt on one-another; and we find out what the cause of their distance has been.

Cairns plays about ten characters in total, and his attention to detail, from accent, to facial expressions, gestures, and walks, all work together neatly to showcase each character as their own being.

The play, written by Nick Warren and directed by Jenine Collocott, takes the audience along for the Jo’burg – Cape Town ride, which might be rocky for the characters, but for us, it’s just turbulent due to laughter.

When it comes to set, props and costume, Collocott has gone with minimalism, which I think aides Cairns’ performance, as he is able to show-off his acting abilities even more -in fact, he was nominated for the creme-de-la-creme of theatre awards in South Africa, a Fleur du Cap, for his performance of Dirt last year.

Showing at the Baxter Theatre, in the Golden Arrow Studio, Dirt first appeared at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown last year. It was performed at the Kalk Bay Theatre last year, too, and returned to Grahamstown this year.

I think what I loved most about watching Dirt, is that it is a true South African comedy. It certainly gives one the opportunity (and excuse) to just sit down, have a really enjoyable evening out, and not worry about life, but rather laugh the night away!

Showing until 27 August at the Baxter Theatre. Shows start at 8.15pm. Tickets: R110 – R130 [Performances till 20 August = Two for the price of one]. Book: Computicket.

– Jonathan Duguid [@theDramaKing]

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