If you have been following Beyonce’s pregnancy you would know she has had a girl. What people were more worried about is what she was going to name the child. We have all seen how elaborate celebs can be with their children’s names and Blue Ivy Carter is no different.

At ReviewMe.co.za we decided to try and “Review” her name and came up with a few possibilities as to what the meaning of her name really is.

Option 1

Eulb Yvi (which is Blue Ivy backwards in case you were wondering) is a latin translation which translated directly to English means “Lucifers (The Devil) Daughter”.

Option 2

Ivy if shown in Roman Numerals is IV (the number 4)

Blue is the 4th colour on the colour wheel

Yes you guessed it 4 is Beyonce’s favorite number


So what is your theory? Drop a comment below!

UPDATE: The first images of Blue Ivy Carter have been released. here is an image:


  • Candace

    Beyonce thought of her childs name as a future clothing range…In this case going for a diferent name wasn’t wise…

  • amber

    i find it stupid the child was just bought into this world and she got her named slandered already people need to get over stupid shit. and ivy roman for IV .. its 4 because jay-z bday is the 4th and beyonce’s is the 4th and they got married on the 4th they are just reflecting thier love now stfu smdh

  • Ress

    Oh my! wish people would just stop with the justifications, Beyonce and Jay Z are satanic…hate to break it to ya’ll but what’s worth I love their music <3

  • BOSS

    LOLOL Lucifers daughter translated into Latin is Lucifer (which is LATIN ALREADY LOL) filia

    LOLOL read a book once in a while… it won’t hurt you, I promise! 😀

  • Sumbodybettatellum

    Who gives a ship??? Thats whats wrong with the world, people idolizing “stars”, and not taking care of their own families. Either way these people gone still live their lives whether you like them or not. Personally I dont care for either one of them, nor would I buy any of their music. As for them being satanic I believe they are, but thats for God to judge them. People just irk me when they get all heated in battles over folks they never gone meet in their lifetime…Get over it!!!!!!!!!

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