Unless there are formidable competitors, brands such as Nu Metro do not seem to care about the well-being of their customer base; at least that is what all the facts point to. I wonder if the words ‘Ster-Kinekor’ have any kind of impact on Nu Metro at all. It may seem foolish to give them a piece of my mind, but after recent events it seems that if the public does not stand up and complain Nu Metro will continue with their less than professional and unsatisfactory behaviour and they will continue to ignore the fact that their brand image is being wrecked by their customer facing employees.


It may come as a surprise to Nu Metro that they are in the service industry and that appearance is worth more than they know. I have been to different Nu Metro cinemas on more than one occasion where their counters are dirty, their cupboards where they keep their stock are open, untidy and the contents of those cupboards are strewn about haphazardly across the floor. Whether you are busy or not there should be a process in place that prevents such a chaotic mess from building up. Customers do not want to see that mess and they should not have to see that mess. On more than one occasion I have had stale popcorn and a fizzy drink without the fizz.

Now we move on to the ever so pleasant staff members of Nu Metro. I will give it to them that some and by some I mean a very small percentage of their staff are actually pleasant and friendly. The majority of their staff members are rude, intolerant and lazy. I watched as my friend was short changed by a Nu Metro staff member only to be told by that staff member that they were out of coins. She made no effort to go and ask for more change but stood there expressionless as if that was acceptable. As anyone would have done my friend refused to leave until she received the change she was owed.


Is it just myself who has noticed that there is an abundance of staff members with nothing to do? They have plenty to say to one another but the place is a mess and there can be queues to the end of the mall and back but they will proceed to hang around, un-phased by the presence of customers.  I have watched as staff members stand about talking among themselves while customers wait around to be helped. They ignore customers until customers resort to being rude just so that their question can be answered or that their request can be attended to.


I have had staff members be unnecessarily rude to me for absolutely no reason and when I proceeded to inform Nu Metro on twitter I did not get a response. May I ask what the point of having an account on a social media platform is if you are not going address customer complaints or interact with your customers in any way? It took four complaints and a very abrasive conversation with fellow tweeps before I was told how to get in contact with the correct people.


After eventually being informed on twitter where to direct my complaint and was contacted by the manager of the Canal Walk Nu Metro soon after I submitted my complaint. The manager who spoke to me was apologetic and very polite and I appreciate the fact that they contacted me. What is very surprising to me is that I was told that they want to receive the complaints so that they can make sure that their service is up to scratch but people do not send their grievances in. I found that strange because when I was voicing my complaints on twitter there were plenty of angry customers with many different complaints. Either their complaints are not being directed to the correct people or they are not being dealt with properly. Either way all I can say is that Nu Metro needs to pull up their socks and address their customer service urgently. They also need to find more efficient ways to improve customer satisfaction.


For customers who wish to submit a complaint I suggest you do it, because we cannot expect things to improve if we do not voice our dissatisfaction with a service. A service is not only about service delivery, but it is also about service recovery. There is a link below that will direct you to the complaints page.


Bronwyn May (@bronnmay)

  • Thanks for posting your comments and sharing our Customer Service contact details. Every bit of feedback helps us better our service and offerings. Our customers are the reason we are able to provide an entertainment experience, and we want them happy!

  • Thoroughly agree with u. the v and a numetro esp is a disgustingly dirty, rude and nasty experience. i too have complained until blue in the face. i must also mention, as u say, there are one or two individuals who are v pleasant and efficient tho. i simply refuse to pay up to R60 just for the ticket alone to be invalidated. great article!

  • Malcolm Osborne

    Thoroughly disappointed by regretted visit to GALLERRIA CINEMA with my four and a half year old daughter to supposedly see LORAX a chIldrens film.We had over 30 minutes of violent ,loud ,and foul languaged ” coming attractions”and then no LORAX.By then having had to cover my daughters ears and eyes as she was totally upset,I walked out ,and not the only upset parent.70 Kilometers , the price of tickets,popcorn and cool drinks ,what a disaster for my childs first expieriance of cinema.Shame on senior managment JHB as you are the culprits. Have you no idea of suitability regarding our /the countries young?

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