“Siri, are you there?” is something we are becoming accustomed to since the release of the iPhone 4S. Plantronics has produced a sleek, lightweight and very stylish way to connect with your mobile device via a Bluetooth headset.

The Plantronics Marque M155 was specially designed for use with Android and Apple. This was clearly seen when I tried using the voice commands on my Blackberry 9900. It was about as useful as talking to a brick in a foreign language. On a slightly more positive note, it works fantastically with Android and Apple devices (maybe this just says something about the Blackberry voice commands). The voice quality is also exceptionally good on all platforms and the highest volume level is sufficient.

Pairing the device to your headset is relatively simple and a voice prompt lets you know once it is paired. The battery life is as it says on the box, 5hrs talk time and 9hrs standby (and yes I did leave it on to check).

What’s in the box?

The headset (obviously)

2 in 1 Charging cable

3 different size ear pieces which range from tiny to HUGE!

Clip on earloop (just in case the earpiece doesn’t fit as snug as you want it to)

Cool Features

Say “Answer” to answer an incoming call

Vocalyst service lets you manage Emails, text messages, Facebook and Twitter updates.

There is an app for Android and Apple which gives you tips and tools about the device.


Price: R499 from Cellucity

Win this device from Cellucity…check out their Twitter account (@cellucity) for more details

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