Gone are the days of when a Boogie Board used to be something which was more commonly used in the sea. In rolls an interesting piece of tech which I found rather pointless, yet extremely entertaining. The Boogie board is an LCD writing pad that one can spend hours on doodling about the most arbitrary things.

Upon first inspection I thought this device seemed like something which one could play with for hours. I was right. Not only can you draw as many things as you want, but you can also erase them at your own leisure. This may be all well and good, however, you cannot erase certain mistakes on the pad. You would have to erase the entire pad to correct one mistake.

The Boogie Board is a neat LCD device which comes bundled with a stylus and a slick neoprene carry sleeve. It is powered by a small watch battery which is concealed away and never needs replacing. It is perfect for the mom who likes writing out lengthy grocery lists or even for your kids that enjoy drawing.

I did a bit of research and have come across the newest version of the Boogie Board called “Rip”. This version allows you to save, retrieve drawings via a micro USB port and edit these drawings on a PC.

More info about the Boogie Board available here: www.myboogieboard.com

Available from Cellucity

Happy Scribbling


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