A couple of months ago an account surfaced on Twitter (@Slut_SpotterRSA) which exposed risque pictures of girls which had been sent in by other guys. Within a few days it was obviously shut down. This account again surfaced a couple of days ago (@Slut_Spotter) which caused much controversy. It attacked some fairly well known Twitter folk in the form of @Fleabeke and @cupcakemummy.

Find out more about the actual Slut Spotter in a little paragraph on Mr. Cape Town

So you probably wondering why ReviewMe.co.za is covering this story. It’s simple, no one else had the balls to out this person so we found a little mistake which Slut Spotter (SS from now on) made and capitalised on it.

How do you catch a SS?

Step 1: Get a chic to write ReviewMe.co.za on their boobs (and obviously get permission to send it)

The email read:

So you need some images...

Here's a taste...

Want anymore?

Step 2: Wait for SS to reply to your email.

Step 3: Grab the header of the email (which contains the IP Address which it was sent from) and pop it into whatismyipaddress.com/trace-email

Step 4: Take the coordinates and put them into Google.

 (Image removed due to complaints)

Step 5: Do an IP address search on whatismyipaddress.com (This tells you the persons ISP)

Due to legal reasons, we cannot go any further with this investigation so we shall not be defaming anyone because that is a defamation of character which can be a crime if you are proved wrong. When we have 100% concrete evidence on the persons NAME we will publish it.

Other interesting info

One of the pictures which was seen on the SS Twitter account was sent ONLY to  @QQLessPlz. This has been verified by the victim.

According to @QQLessPlz, SS is not just one guy but 2 people.

If the victims decide to lay a charge against SS, the people who know who it is: @QQLessPlz, @MishToTheD and others can be charged with “obstruction of justice” if they do not come forward.

Feel free to speculate or comment on this situation below.

Happy Spotting

Neelz and Jono


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  • Susan

    Just for interest sake I tried this experiment on my own e-mail address and landed up in a bush in PE, around 500km from where I actually am…?

  • Liesl

    Would love to know if you guys catch the people or person behind it.
    I was horribly accused and attacked for being the person running the account and I know exactly who started the rumour.
    It was disgusting that people went on hearsay, and I pray that the victims are telling the truth about what happened and who they sent their pics to…

  • Matt

    Did you verify this address in any way? I assume not, you said you haven’t got “100% concrete evidence on the person’s name”

    I used this method to track myself. Results: Correct city, completely wrong area.

    Not only do you have to keep Dynamic IP addresses in mind, but it’s always possible they can be spoofing. Not to suggest they are, but that combined with THE STATEMENT ON THE SITE YOU USED: “…..therefore this tool cannot be relied upon to accurately identify the source of such messages.” – it is HIGHLY irresponsible to post an address on a public site, claiming that the persons behind the account live there! And your twitter account going ON and ON and ON about it – what’s up with that? If you have the information, post it, and leave it be.
    Brand competitions serial post, promising names of winners later in the day for publicity and hype. Don’t use this as a publicity stunt. Then your motivations are equally as deplorable.

    But seriously, take down that address until you verify it. I’m sure you would hate to see some random guy take a punch from a pissed off boyfriend, or get his houe graffed because of your sensationalism.

  • Siobhan

    I think everyone on twitter suspects those 2 of knowing something. Talk to anyone about SS and those names are mentioned.
    I’m not saying they do know, I’m saying that’s the talk around town.

    I think SS’s whole identity debacle should come out because that person will carry on.

    I know there’s more serious issues in SA, but cyberbullying doesn’t need to become part of it.

  • You Serious?

    Anyone who thinks they can be tracked via an email sent through an overseas email provider watches too much TV.

    And being able to locate a specific address? Don’t make me laugh… Track a GMAIL account, and the source is in California!

    MORONS all of you!

  • RescueClimber

    This is an interesting debacle and it is of real interest as to why Review Me has taken such a vested interest in “uncovering” this person and naming others who may or may not have anything to do with this matter.

    For a start, your IP tracing story is highly inaccurate, I tried it twice with two completely different results with some 300km in between the two points within 5 min of each other…

    Secondly, I fail to see how a morally inept person that sends naked pictures of herself to another guy that she is not in a serious committed relationship with can claim unjust action against them for the redistribution of such said images…

    If your moral standings are such that you are happy to send an image of yourself naked, and especially explicitly naked, to a guy who you hardly know, then should this guy that you HARDLY KNOW decide to share this image on the pretense that the women involved had no qwarm in sending it to him and therefore should shouldn’t have an objection to others viewing it as well – I am very sorry, but you have asked for it!

    Remember one simple thing… A photo graph is the intellectual (or not so intellectual) property of the person who took the image, and the moment that photo is distributed or given to someone else that property right has been relinquished!

    It also interests me a fair amount that Review Me throws around terms like “obstruction of justice” when there is no circumstantial evidence that the two that Review Me has named, namely @QQLessPlz and @MishToTheD, actually know who this person or persons are or have any form of association to this so called “SS” person. It is an email re-bounce service, just like the @PigSpotter service that was set up! And when there was that issue with it and JMPD filed charges did everyone who had sent in tweets or emails to the PigSpotter service get summoned for so called “obstruction of justice” because they used the service and may or may not know who the person behind it was? No they didn’t! And why not? Because it pretty simple, they were not aiding and abetting a criminal, as it was not a criminal action, and they could not be held guilty by association as they are not associated to the person due to the fact it is all internet based…

    Lastly, Review Me has stated that they will name the person responsible when that person is found out… Fair enough… But it goes to show how much you know about law and the legal processes! Naming this person on this blog, prior to a charge being laid or even after a formal charge has been laid by the complainants, its not “obstruction of justice” as you refer to regarding the two so called involved persons Review Me mentions, but it would be considered “defeating the ends of Justice” as it would be directly interfering with a criminal investigation…

  • Absolute Load of Shite – it will tell you the smtp servers email address – useless article attempting to Capitalise on Slutspotters fame – if your comments give you my ip – try see where I am

  • HAHA I would love to see if you can actually accurately pin point the location of this “Major” guy? If you can’t then I guess it was a pretty pointless exercise… I tried this with my mates email addy from Sea Point and it said he lived in Fish Hoek #justSaying

  • Flea

    To RescueClimber

    I agree with you on the inaccuracy of the IP tracing.
    1. These girls didn’t send images to a person they hardly knew.
    They confided in those men. Also, some of the images that were posted by slut spotter were stolen from Facebook, including one of me. I never sent an image to anyone.
    2. As an attorney, I can tell you this: If a girl sends an image to a guy, she is allowing HIM to see it. If he publishes it on a public forum, that IS ABSOLUTELY a violation of her copyright to that image.
    3. Both @QQlessPls and @mishtothed openly published on twitter that they knew the person. I agree with you that they are not, for that reason, obstructing justice. But if I court case was brought, they could be subpeonaed.

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