I was invited to attend the Captain Morgan Cool Down Deck party in Stellenbosch at Klein Libertas. There was a very nice setup with Jacuzzi’s and live DJ’s.

I was slightly disappointed at the fact that when I arrived about 2hrs from the start, the vibe really wasn’t all that great. There were minimal people around and the handful of people that were there were enjoying the jacuzzi’s in the sweltering Stellenbosch heat. A double Captain and Coke cost R19 which was still a bit much considering it was JOOL.

I enjoyed the fact that they had towels for people to dry themselves off with (sadly you couldn’t keep them) and they were giving away AWESOME Captain Morgan straw hats.

All in all i probably only spent about 45minutes there but if the vibe was better, I would have definitely spent the entire afternoon. Maybe its time to get a lil Captain in the advertising?


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