Stellenbosch will be the first town in South Africa to launch a “Free” Wi-Fi service for all.

The service will be offered to everyone free of charge and coverage will be over the town centre from Friday 24 February. The secondnd phase of the project (2-3weeks after launch) will see the Wi-Fi coverage extend to all populated areas within the Stellenbosch municipality area and will even reach as far as Franschhoek and Pniel.

There are limitations to the Free Wi-FI service as large downloads will be prohibited. Each user will only receive 500MB of data a day at a speed of 1 mbps. If you ask me, I think that is an absolute bargain seeing its FREE (hint hint cellular service providers).

This is an initiative by Mxit, Stellenbosch and Stellenbosch University.

So if you are in Stellenbosch on Friday, give it a try and be sure to comment on this post about your experience!

Source: Mybroadband

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